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How to Perform Like a Pornstar – 6 Tips to Increase Ejaculation Volume

No doubt, like many men, you"ve watched porn stars reach an impressive climax and thought “I wish I could do that!" As well as impressing your partner and making you feel sexy and confident, increased ejaculation volume also gives you longer lasting and more intense orgasms. It feels better, it looks better, it is better!

So here are my six tips on how to ejaculate more and perform like a porn star, every single time.

1. Get some exercise: You may not realise this, but your fitness level applies to every part of your body. If you"re unfit, then all of you is unfit. If you want to maximise your sexual potential and have intense, long-lasting orgasms then you need to get fit. Just some simple exercise – walking, jogging, a game of tennis – a few times a week is enough: you"re not trying to become an athlete, just reach a basic level of fitness.
2. Give up smoking: Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor – it causes blood vessels to tighten, reducing the flow of blood to your extremities. Because of this, it reduces your sexual potency and can eventually leave you impotent! If you care about your sex life, you should make quitting smoking a priority.
3. Cut down on alcohol: While you don"t have to give up completely, you should refrain from drinking excessively. As the liver removes alcohol from the body, it causes the release of female hormones. This is one of the reasons heavy drinkers often develop breasts! It also reduces sexual potency and results in lacklustre orgasms with very little semen produced.
4. Eat more eggs: As well as being excellent sources of protein – which makes up a high percentage of semen – eggs are also high in lecithin. Lecithin is widely known to enhance sex drive, help with premature ejaculation, and boost semen volume. Have a couple of eggs with breakfast every day and see the results for yourself!
5. Drink plenty of water: A fairly mundane tip, you might think, but the truth is that most of us are slightly dehydrated, and this impacts negatively on our ejaculations. Make sure you drink eight glasses of water a day and you"ll find it really helps you to increase your ejaculation.
6. Use a quality volume pill: Although it may seem like a cheat, using a quality supplement can make all the difference. Taking a decent volume pill every day, especially if used in conjunction with the other tips in this article, will strengthen your erections, give you increased sexual stamina, make your orgasms longer and more intense, and supercharge your sex life. Just make sure you do your research first and ensure you find a quality supplement.

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