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8 Ways to Increase Ejaculate

If you ever wished that you could increase your ejaculate, when you orgasm, then the good news for you is that there are a number of different things you can do to increase ejaculation volume. If you stick to these things, then you will find that you are quickly able to experience orgasms that are more intense, shoot your load further and produce a surprising amount of ejaculate.

The first thing that you"re going to need to do is start getting enough sleep. The body simply doesn"t have enough time to rejuvenate if you aren"t getting the proper amount of rest each night. For most men, this will amount to about seven or eight hours of sleep. If you start to get less, you"ll find that your body simply cannot recover in time and the volume of your ejaculations will be affected.

Start taking multi vitamins. There are a number of different vitamins that will help to increase the amount of seminal fluid that you produce. Vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium are all important when it comes to semen production so make sure that the vitamin you choose has all of these components.

There are changes to your diet that you can make that will increase the amount of semen that you produce. Nuts have many of the nutrients that will help as do citrus fruits. You cannot probably eat just about all of the citrus fruits that you can stand, but it is important to show a little bit of restraint when it comes to the nuts. They are high in fat, and overindulging can cause health problems that may end up reducing your sexual abilities.

It may be time to start reducing your alcohol consumption. If you are not already a heavy drinker, then this will not do that much for you. If you are, then you can probably bring about a significant change by reducing alcohol consumption. It is particularly important to stay away from occasions where you would drink many beverages at one time.

Start an exercise regimen. You"ll find that engaging in regular physical activity will not only improve your overall health but also benefit your seminal fluid reduction. Your body will produce an increasing amount of testosterone when you are more fit and this will in turn boost your semen production.

Bees might be able to offer you some assistance in this area. Specifically, bee pollen or royal jelly might be very effective. There is a lot of debate about whether or not this has a significant effect on semen production but many men swear by it. If you want to get good results, it certainly won"t hurt and it is good for you.

Drinking enough water is also willing to give you excellent results. It"s not hard to imagine that a body that has more fluid available is going to be able to produce more seminal fluid. This is another thing that is not only going to improve your overall health but it will be one of the most effective diet-related things that you can do to improve your volume.

Perhaps the most effective method of all is to take a natural herbal supplement that is designed to increase semen volume. Many of them not only do this, but will also help to increase the blood flow that gets to the sexual organs. You"ll find that your sexual functioning will increase and many of these herbal extracts have also been used effectively for improving erection quality.

When you use the first seven steps in conjunction with a good male supplement then you are going to get results very quickly. When you start having larger ejaculations, you will not only impress your partner but you will feel an increase in intensity and they will last longer as well!