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Activating The G-Spot

Yes, it truly does exist. The First and Foremost “Wonder of The Known World”! Like a treasure map to a “Pirate King’s Booty, those who know precisely where “X’ marks the spot, will have women adore and worship them for ever. The “G-Spot” is the common or colloquial term for the “Grafenberg Spot,” it’s medical term. In 1950, Dr. Ernest Grafenberg proved the biological existence of what I like to refer to as the “CUM BUTTON,” for any smart guy who chooses to learn to use it. Here’s how you do it.

Activating The G-SpotWarning: Take it SLOW and Easy till you have mastered this, and always pay close attention to the response of your Lady. Her reaction is what will tell you for sure whether you are doing this right or not. Start with basic seduction methods, such as kissing, fondling, whispers in the ears, breathing on her neck, and then as things begin to flow, begin to move up to more explicitly sexual stimulation, such as cunnilingus, nipple sucking, ass massage and eventually work your way into caressing and petting the vulva and outer regions of her vagina, and as things progress, with lubrication and care, get your finger inside of her, rotating, wiggling, vibrating, and slowing plunging in and out in simulated coital fashion.

Then, when she is becoming aroused, push 1 or 2 fingers, approximately two inches deep, slowly turn your hand so the palm is facing up, towards her navel, fist clenched, and your knuckles are facing down, or toward her anus. Now begin to move your finger in the same way as a parent or authority figure is signaling for you to come to them, by extending the finger and then curling it up and back to your fist, like saying “COME HERE!” with a hand gesture.

The Female Orgasms

Begin to feel with the highly sensitive part of your finger-tip, for a slightly leathery, rough, and sponge-like, mound, in the frontal wall of her pussy, about the size of a nickel, and approximately 2 inches inside her vagina, and about 2 inched below her belly button, keeping in mind, that the size and location will vary to some degree with each woman.

Slowly start pressing, wiggling, and vibrating your finger, up into the frontal vaginal wall, and you will find that when you hit the correct area, it will start to swell up and grow in size as blood rushes into the “G-Spot”, just like it quickly flows into a male’s penis upon sexual stimulation and erection. Now watch her response, and continually gradually increase the pressure and intensity on the manipulations, and she will CUM like a literal fountain, often with a clear to white liquidy juice that is “Female Ejaculation”, and not urine as some mistakenly think.

If she is not used to this type of dramatic orgasm, she will naturally feel afterwards as if she has to pee, because that is the closest her body has ever come to such an experience, but with time she will get used to it and love it more than diamonds and pearls. Like I said before, this truly is a treasure map and “X” marks the spot!

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