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All She Wants To Do Is Dance

O.K., I hear ya, dancing isn’t exactly one of my favorite things to do either. Not that I am particularly bad at it, because chicks actually say I’m pretty good, but then that’s probably their way of trying to psyche me into continuing to do it with them, which I will, because it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to get laid.

Bedtime StoriesIt’s all in how a woman is genetically wired. It’s like the old saying, if you want to feel happy, force yourself to smile, and you will suddenly start feeling happy. Well, when women are horny, their bodies start to move around in sexy, erotically rhythmic, undulating patterns. Great, so what if you can get a woman to start intentionally, begin moving around in sexy, erotically rhythmic, undulating patterns? Exactly, they will naturally get horny.

This is why men need to wake up and smell the pussy, because your unwillingness to get out there on the dance floor and let her strut her stuff, and get in the groove, is creating a lot of competition for yourself, not from other dudes, but from other babes. Look, Girls like to dance. If guys won’t dance with chicks, then chicks will get their friends to dance with them. Dancing makes women horny. This leads to a lot of girl on girl sexual activity, because whatever body they are out there on the dance floor, going through the motions, is the body that is going to get their sexual attention that night. It’s just plain biological science.

Dancing is a mating ritual, always has been always will be. There once was a time, when all civilized men were instructed in the art of dance and the art of love, as much as the art of mathematics, science, language and warfare. Hey, my Black and Latino friends sure as hell have it figured out. So while you “Dudes” stand around on the sidelines, calling the dancing fool a faggot and fairy, realize that that dude is gonna have his “wang-chung” buried 6 inches deep into some A-1, choice, top of the line “pinky dingle” tonight, while you’re sitting in front of your computer again, whacking off to fake photo retouches of Britney and Christina.

Play Safe

Look, it’s like working out. It’s a pain in the ass and there’s a million other things you would rather be doing with your time, but if it’s going to get you laid for sure, then I just don’t see what the problem is. Hey, cum to think of it, make this your daily “work-out” and kill two birds with one stone, so to say.

Why would guys pay $100.00 for some “skank hoe,” when they can get some fine young, un-ravaged pussy, for the cost of a couple of drinks and an hour of shaking yer booty, while closely checking out and touching hers. Guys, please, let’s think this through for a minute. O.K., true, the music at most clubs these days sucks, but lets not forget that so do the lips attached to those swiveling hips.

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