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Amateur Night

#13: Amateur Night: This has always been one of those controversial methods of making for some highly explosive sex, and therefore is not for everyone, but those who have tried this and reported back to me swear that it truly does the trick! It plays off of the fact that most women have a very strong and deep desire to be exhibitionists. So what you do is find a local gentlemen’s club who has a weekly or monthly “Amateur Night” and let the lady go dance for the public. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation or have low sperm count, then we will suggest you that Volume Pills can help you to increase your semen and treat premature ejaculation.

Amateur NightI know, it sounds crazy, but obviously it is highly effective, which is why so many clubs have been requested to carry an Amateur Night. The chick gets hotter than hell, being able to strut her stuff in front of all those horny guys, and the dude is often amazed at just how sexy his woman really is, seeing her in a brand new context, up on the stage, under the lights, with a great sound system, a stage and a silver pole. You guys will go home and hump like rabbits, guaranteed, and every time you think about it; you’ll get hot again!

#14: Hot Oil Massage: Get out some plastic sheeting and a few soft, comfortable towels, and prepare yourselves for a one-way trip directly to Nirvana. There is nothing nearly as relaxing as a deep, hot oil massage, given to you by someone whom you know is going to fuck you silly once they are done.

Massage is easy if you keep it simple and just go with the flow. Rub the muscles the same way that you would rub them for yourself. Use a combination of peanut, almond, and olive oil. You can even add a scent or two by adding some “Essential Oils” such as lavender, rose, musk, or sandalwood. Heat it in a small saucepan, and don’t let it get so hot that it burns. Watch for your partner’s responses to each move and be slow and deliberate. Get deeper as you go, and remember that when you’re done, you get your prize. Hotter to trot her there in the water.

Play Safe

#15: Playtime: Each partner is asked to play a role by his or her lover, for a 15-minute period of time. The rules are no judgments, no hard feelings or regrets afterward. It is a chance to experience some things in life that one might never get a chance to experience under the normal pressures of social conventions and personal insecurities. So there are no rules and no judgments afterward, what ever happen in “Playtime,” is left in “Playtime.” Otherwise the whole effect and point of “Playtime is utterly destroyed!” how will i make her cum every time?

What you will find over time, is that people react really differently during this FREE TIME where everyone is allowed to just go hog wild and play out fantasies and roles. Sometimes things will go off in a very high energized, almost aggressive vein, and other times things will be deeply intimate and almost spiritual in nature.

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