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Does Volume Normal Have Anything to Do With Fertility?

Some men experience a lesser volume of semen but do not care to know the reason for it. Some don"t even think about increasing their semen volume. It is known that women have a liking for an adequate load of semen. If a partner does not ejaculate a normal load of semen, it is a big let down for the female counterpart. Men also feel embarrassed if they are unable to ejaculate a normal load. The condition has a deep psychological impact on the couple because they are not satisfied with their sex life and it is lowering down their confidence and self esteem. This consciousness can also have an adverse effect on their sexual performance.

It is a fact that the chances of fertility are higher if the volume of semen is high. A normal volume of semen is considered to be ranging between 1 ml and 5 ml. If your semen is between 1 ml and 5 ml, your fertility is high as there is the presence of enough fluid to push your sperm to the cervix. Both, a lower semen volume than normal and a higher volume are bad. In cases where your sperm volume is low, there is not enough fluid to lead sperm into the cervix while if the volume is high, the sperm can get diluted in the fluid. Lower volume of semen is associated with poor sexual performance and should be treated if you want to enjoy a better sex life.

Why is my semen volume less?

A number of reasons cause the problem of lesser ejaculate. Some of them are as under:

* Blocking of the seminal vesicle or ejaculatory duct
* Varicose veins or cyst formation in the seminal vessels of the ejaculatory duct
* Infections
* Abnormal changes/activities in the hormones
* Frequency of sex or masturbation
* Exercising and eating habits
* Heredity
* Age
* Retrograde ejaculation: A condition in which the semen flows back into the bladder

Homely tips

A couple of things in control, at home, can help you get a better load of semen and can increase your fertility chances. Firstly you need to drink a lot of water, eat a protein-rich but low-fat diet and exercise regularly. A diet which is high in zinc and amino acid content can boost your semen volume. For those who want to increase their sperm volume at a faster rate can try volume pills such as Semenex or Volume Plus.

Pills for semen volume

Volume Plus, which is a 100% safe and natural volume enhancement pill has a high content of vital amino acids which can increase your semen amount up to 500%. An ingredient, muira pauma stimulates your erectile tissue and improves your blood blow to the penis leading to harder and firmer erections. I-arginine, also a natural ingredient, increases sperm production.

Semanex is also an effective way to increase your semen volume without getting any side effects. Its natural ingredients help in boosting the semen volume and intensify orgasms.

Both the pills are a good way to boost your semen volume and increase the chances of conception. Improving your fertility is no more a dream.

Author discusses about semen volume and fertility, tips to increase semen volume and also gives information on herbal supplements live volume pills and volume plus.