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Average Human Penis Size – Do You Measure Up?

You probably think about the size of your penis far more than any other measurement & find it more important than your height, weight and even your IQ. Penis size can have a real effect on how masculine you feel and how confident you are. And it certainly carries a lot of weight when considering how much pleasure a woman will experience in the bedroom. It"s something that we men think about so much I thought it was worth revealing some facts about size and what action you can take if you do not feel that you measure up.

Average Human Penis Size

It seems that humans have always been obsessed with penis size – if you have ever seen any ancient Greek art then you will know exactly what I mean!  Men want to know how they measure up to others (particularly their partner"s previous boyfriends!) and worry constantly that they may not be big enough. Size can have a real effect on our mood, personality and character. Small men tend to be more shy, lacking in self esteem and unable to perform so well in bed. Men with a big manhood tend to be pursued by women and the fact that this makes them feel more happy, more confident and more comfortable with themselves makes them even more attractive to others. So where do you fit in?

Average Human Penis Size – Girth

People often seem to overlook girth and concentrate solely on penis length. This is crazy because in many ways girth is far more important – at least when it comes to the bedroom. The truth is most women rate a larger girth as the most important thing when it comes to their pleasure as it provides far more stimulation. Also a vagina can accommodate almost any width but it"s certainly possible to be too long for a woman to handle!

The average human penis has a girth of 5 inches on the dot. So if you are anywhere between 4.5 inches and 5.5 inches then you are perfectly normal.

However a look at some women"s magazines shows that women find a girth of between 6.5 and 7 inches to be the most satisfying. If you have a width like this then you should be sporting a big grin right now!

Average Human Penis Size – Length

The average length for a human penis is 6.2 inches. So if yours is between 5.4 and 7 inches then you are pretty normal. However women prefer a penis length of 8.5 to 9 inches.

What if I don"t measure up?

If you are smaller than average and want to feel normal or if you are right on the average marker but want to offer wow factor to your partner then I suggest you do what I did. I was a depressing 4.5 inches but I used the natural approach to become a woman-delighting 8.5 inches!