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Don’t Let Age Become A Problem Of Your Sex Life

Don’t Let Age Become A Problem Of Your Sex Life

Sex contrary to popular belief, is not just for the young and it is just as important in your senior years as in your younger years. It can sometimes be slightly more challenging as when you get older, you are likely to have more health issues and maybe you won’t have as much energy and stamina as in your youth. Older men are a lot more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Don’t Let Age Become A Problem Of Your Sex LifeThis could be due to health issues, poor diet and lifestyle, lack of confidence due to getting older and not feeling like you can perform. There are many contributing factors of low libido (low sex drive) and erectile dysfunction in old age. However many men even well into their 60’s and 70’s still have some degree of sexual interest, but if suddenly that interest drops it could be well be down to an underlying condition. Depression and stress is a common contributing factor. Sometimes a rapid decline in male sex hormone can be due to an endocrine disorder. Even certain medications can cause a man to lose his sex drive. However it is best not to self-diagnose, if your lack of interest in sex occurs suddenly it is best to seek advice from a doctor. If you are diagnosed with a particularly low testosterone level, treatment options may include testosterone replacement therapy.

Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age though it is more prevalent in men of a certain age, 75 and over, though it is not unusual for men a lot younger to suffer from this at some stage in their lives, especially when they are first starting out. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a wide range of things; Fatigue, Diabetes (High blood sugar), Anxiety and depression, Alcohol and tobacco use, Brain and spinal cord injury, Stroke, Hypogonadism (which leads to lower testosterone levels), Parkinsons Disease to name just a few.

Problem Of Your Sex Life

If your doctor suspects you are suffering from Erectile dysfunction, he may do a physical examination and samples of your blood and urine may be tested for certain disorders and diseases. If you do have Erectile dysfunction, it is treated depending on what the cause is. Medicines in tablet form or injections or even tiny suppositories are among the options.

Whatever the cause of your inability to perform or unwillingness to perform, there are solutions readily available to help. It is a myth that older men cannot enjoy sex, of course it may take its toll on your body more than it would in your twenties but you can adapt to a sex life that suits both you and your partner.

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