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Bedtime Stories

#7: 1 Step Forward, ½ Step Back: Sex is a dance. This is the dance step that will weave you’re your way into many lovers hearts and vaginas. It’s truly the most vitally important technique to keep in mind, if you are going to go down in history as one of the great Master Lovers. This maneuver is so simple, that it goes merely unnoticed or is even intentionally ignored by most men, who simply don’t get it! Use this dance step, and not only be the “Cat’s Meow,” but cum to be known as the “Pussy’s Purr!”

Bedtime StoriesEvery time you make a clear and distinct sexual advance on the woman, before she has a chance to respond, suddenly pull partially back from your advance, creating a gap that will not only create confusion, some doubt, but also desirous and amorous sensations within the woman, but will also draw her more strongly toward you, in her psychological need to close the ever widening gap that you have just created by retreating slightly.

#8: Bedtime Stories: This can prove to be highly erotic, as you tell each other sexually explicit stories intended to light some fires in the nether regions, while you two both improve your communication skills, both as a lucid and effective speaker, and as a good listener.

One partner starts by telling the other a sexual fantasy or story, in great detail, and at the end of their story, they earn the right to request a special sexual favor, often playing out a theme or plot line from the story. Also you can set a three-minute timer, and as soon as the timer goes off, the other person has to perform an act mentioned in the story by the teller. Then that partner picks up the story from where their lover left off, and now continues the tale, moving it along in a new and interesting manner, till the timer goes off and they get their special little treat. Try it; it’s a lot of fun and a learning experience!

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#9: Tommy Touch: Many of you either remember or have heard of the Who’s rock opera called “Tommy,” where the “deaf, dumb and blind boy” proves not only to be a pinball wizard, but the next world Messiah! Well Tommy now wants to save your sex life as well as your soul.

To participate, you merely agree to blindfold yourselves and put a portable “Walkman” over your ears, with some moderately loud music playing, that you would enjoy “F”-ing to. Now you both meet in the middle of the bed, and without speaking a word, hearing a sound, or seeing a thing, you go about trying to work yourselves into a purely sensual-centric locomotive proceeding, focusing on nothing but the intrinsic need for a cooperatively symbiotic rhythm of love, that leads to both of you having a most dramatically intense and emotionally / spiritually enlightening sexual experience.

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