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Beginners Guide To Anal Sex

Some people have the ignorant “Ass-umption” that anal is just for gays, or is some dirty and vile atrocity performed only by punks, pirates and prisoners, who can’t get any “REAL SEX!” So let’s take a trip out back, behind the “Wood Shed” and set some things straight (Pun Intended) with some in-depth “anal-ization” of the matter.

Beginners Guide To Anal SexPeople from all social strata in society have cum to truly enjoy anal as a fun and pleasurable alternative to conventional coital copulation. It stimulates the prostate gland in men and the legendary “Grafenberg Spot” (G-Spot) in women. Both these areas are highly powerful erogenous zones that lead to tremendously intense orgasms. Granted, it may not be for everyone, “BUTT” you may be surprised if you should ever give it a shot.

First of all, there are some very important rules of engagement. Priority #1 is the comfort and relaxation of the recipient. Fear, pain, anxiety, anger, and impatience, all add to stress and tension, which makes muscles tighten up and clench. That’s the very last thing you want, so avoid all anxiety and impatience at all costs.

Take it slow and gentle. Don’t force anything and certainly don’t get in a hurry. It is an acquired taste, so be kind and respectful of your partner, and watch for all “tell-tale” signs of pain or fear or wanting to stop, even if just for a momentary break. All people respond to it differently, so be tuned in to your partner’s needs and reactions.

Use plenty of lubricant. This is no time to get cheap or concerned about the mess. If you need to choose between too much lube, and too little, always err on the side of slush and ooze!

Start with simple, gentle stimulation, such as rubbing, massaging, caressing, licking, tongue probing or shaking. Showing care and total acceptance of this controversial area will help the recipient feel at ease and comfortably confident that everything is O.K.

Slowly work your way to a gently inserted finger, after a while, try two, as your partner’s rectum adapts and becomes more comfortable. Don’t worry; you will certainly know when it’s time to do MORE. You can’t help butt notice the difference between a partner who doesn’t want anything anywhere near their ass, and one who now begins to beg you to go deeper harder and faster.

How To Make Her Cum

Perhaps try a small toy next, a mini-dildo or a butt plug, before moving on to a penile penetration. Then prepare to experience what very well may well be one of the most erotically satisfying experiences of both your lives. I’ve yet, to have a partner, who, though initially opposed to anal, didn’t absolutely love the experience and cum like a maniac by the time it was all over. Like the ole cliché says: “Try it, you’ll like it!”

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