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Benefits of Cum-mitment

“Everything OLD is NEW again.” Live long enough, and you can watch history repeat itself, right in front of your very eyes. What’s now topping the charts on the list of what’s “HOT” in the world of sexuality these days? Well, if you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends, this will come as no surprise to you, but believe it or not, it’s good, old fashioned, one on one, monogamy. That’s right, committed relationships are becoming vogue and are now all the rage these days, as LOYALTY and DEVOTION become two of the hot keywords on the current sex scene.

Benefits of Cum-mitmentSo what happened? I thought we were all working to free ourselves from the social conventions that have, controlled, manipulated and held us down for so long. Yeah, of course we are, but not everything from the past is necessarily bad, and some people, after playing the numbers game long enough to come up empty, have concluded that they are now finding monogamy to be that comfortable safe-haven, where they can, feel a certain amount of stability and security. Safe and secure always equals great sex!

I’ve talked to a lot of the so called “Sex-Perts” who claim this is just some sort of a “Retro” fad, and that “This Too Shall Pass,” but I think they’re dead wrong. There’s something to be said for that sense of belonging to a “couple” and just knowing that you’re not all alone in the world, but that there’s a “Significant Other,” entwined in your life, who cares, and is in this thing, with you, through the good times and the bad!

One of the “False-Gods” of the 1980’s, that proved what a morally, ethically and ideologically bankrupt time that it was, is “SELFISHNESS!” People tried to make an entire lifestyle out of it, and it came up utterly empty and void of meaning and purpose.

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So some people started looking back in time, searching for that special sense of deep connection that two souls might create together, when human beings truly care for one another. That need for something more “REAL,” more profound, just naturally correlates right along with the evolving transformation of our sex lives. Sex is feeling!

Many frustrated “sexual activists” are no longer content with the status quo, and refuse to maintain shallow strings of two-dimensional, multi-partner, humping. Seeking rather, to excel erotically in tandem Team Effort, some people now shoot for that “deeper” sexuality, focusing their erotic energy, like a laser, more intently on a single “Help Mate”, in order to more effectively achieve those penultimate levels of pleasure, achievable only through the centering of one’s sexual power, directly into a singular lover, rather than diminishing it’s power, by dispersing it in several directions.

So, sexually speaking, are we actually moving backwards? No, not at all! Not if people are truly happier, more fulfilled and the sex is better. We are, rather, moving forward! We’re simply traveling a few of the old roads found on the maps of yesteryears, because they just happen to better lead us to precisely where we want to go now.

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