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Best Ways To Make Her Cum

It is called the “1 Step Forward, 1/2 Step Back” technique, and here is precisely how you use it to make your woman squirm with adoration and delight. Whenever you proceed to the next level of intimacy, at each new step, always assert yourself confidently and with determined intensity, making it explicitly clear where you are going with the next movement in the dance of love. Then surprise of all surprises, just as she thinks she’s got you all figured out and is about to apply one of her notorious female power plays, to see if she can put you in your place, you completely blow her out of the water and blow her mind! If you want more fun and enjoyment in your intercourse then you can use Volume Pills. It will help you increase more semen.

Best Ways To Make Her CumYep, just as she is anticipating the exact moment to knock you to your knees and try to get you to beg for more, just as she is preparing to toss up that playful and agonizingly seductive little “road block” maneuver, to momentarily curtail your momentum and sense of conquest, you “Drop The Move” on her, by suddenly pulling back a bit.

What? Just as you are finally getting a little bit of what you came for, you are going to chicken out and back off. No! I didn’t say that amigo. Let me ask you this Dude! Would you rather have one lick of a single piece of barbecued chicken, or the whole damn bucket? Do you want a few drops of some backwash, or do you want the whole case of beer. O.k. then Bro, relax, and lighten up!

Hey, this is not like an act of forfeiture or surrender, this is not quitting. This is more like an act of drawing the other side out of their fortress, and out into the open, suddenly making them far more vulnerable for your next move. That’s right, you temporarily, momentarily, pull back a little bit, not a retreat, but a momentum shifter, that brings the prize to you! See she thinks that little by little, she is allowing you the opportunity to earn access to her special parts. She thinks she is in control, which makes her feel safe and secure. Excellent, support those feelings of hers, as it works out to your advantage when she is confident and comfortable that she decides how far things will be allowed to go.

So you suddenly backing off from a choice little morsel that she just decided that you can have, is the very last thing in the world that she expects. Remember, in her mind, guys just go for it like animals, and don’t wait around for green lights or permission; they simply grab whatever they want. So your little pull back technique accomplishes a couple of very important and strategic goals. Hotter to trot her there in the water.

Play Safe

First, it creates a definitely powerful “Tease” effect, which begins to drive her completely crazy. Normally it is the chick who teases and seduces the guy, but suddenly you have turned the tables on her and that puts you in charge and she is suddenly now at your erotic mercy. She starts to second-guess what’s up, why you would possibly walk away from something she thought you really wanted so very badly. Suddenly she is confused and full of self-doubt. Did she do something wrong, have you lost interest, is she not as attractive to you all of a sudden, and now she wants to rectify the situation and test out her ability to re-claim your attention, which she now suddenly, desperately wants, dare I say, desperately NEEDS more than anything else in the world right now!

Bingo, you are the winner. You now hold all the cards firmly in your hands. You call the shots now, Play Safe !

That’s right guys, no more wasting time and energy hoping that maybe, just perhaps, if you are very well behaved and luckier than hell, she will offer you up a little feel of her titty or a little touch and taste of her pussy. Those days are long gone and over with, if you learn to use the “1 step forward, ½ step back technique.” how will i make her cum every time?

Now SHE is wanting YOU, and her female ego and uncontrollable competitive nature are not going to accept a NO from any guy, that’s for sure, so she is going to do whatever is necessary to draw you back into her, regain your full attention and close up the “GAP” that you just created with this most amazing of all moves.

Just sit back and marvel at the power you now possess over women. As you go forward and awaken an even deeper lust from within her subconscious animal instincts, and then suddenly fall back a bit, she will automatically try to rectify the situation by immediately doing whatever she can to either draw you back to her, of she will simply come to you, just in order to successfully close the psychological, as well as physical gap that you have created.

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