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Best Ways to Naturally Increase Ejaculation Volume

Statistics reveal that male fertility has been on a declining trend over the past century. In fact, it is an alarming trend. However, there are some natural ways to increase semen ejaculation volume.

Increasing semen production not only gives a boost to your fertility by ensuring an improved sperm count but it also helps enhance pleasure on ejaculation. It is needless to say that a sizable majority of men opt for semen enhancement in order to enjoy intense and massive ejaculations.

Best Ways to Increase Semen Ejaculation Volume in Men

First of all, the easiest approach is to refrain from ejaculating for a couple of days.

Ideally, you should avoid ejaculating for 1-3 weeks. But this is not a very popular option since most men are not so keen to avoid ejaculating or sex for such a longer period.

Secondly, you must try to keep the testicles cool.

The basic reason why your testes hang lower than the rest of the body is that the temperature in your testicles is supposed to be 2 degrees centigrade lower than the rest of the body.

– Tight clothing can increase the temperature in your testicles and lower both your semen production and sperm count. Hence it is important to give your tight briefs and go for lose boxers.

– Not only this, you must also avoid sauna baths, hot baths etc., for the very same reason. Instead, you should enjoy a cool shower.

Last but not the least, you must try semen enhancing supplements.

There are several supplements that are specifically aimed at increasing the production of semen in your body. Such supplements work by increasing the production of testosterone in your body since it is the hormone that regulates and controls the production of semen.

Some of the top notch semen supplements contain ingredients such as tribulus terrestris, l-arginine, zinc oxide, fucus vesiculosus, solidilin, drilizen, ku gua etc.,

Such supplements can help boost your semen production by as much as 500% within a few weeks. Not only this, they can also help boost the flow of blood to the penis. This is not just great for your libido but can also help you get harder and stiffer erections.

Besides this, such supplements can also increase the force with which your ejaculate.

Thus, they can act as complete sexual enhancers for men.

Top quality supplements are clinically approved and are devoid of adverse effects.

So, If You Want to Increase Your Ejaculation Volume, Check out the Best Semen Enhancers that have become a bit hit with men all over the world.