Volume Pills Reviews – Best Sperm Pills To Increase Ejaculation

Semen Volume Enhancers – Break Out the Heavy Artillery

If your spouse or partner has been dropping subtle backhanded hints that there is room for improvement in your “ball game" then maybe what they need is something to finally shut them up. Something like a big, mondo, triple-volume-blast of “baby butter" right in their face, that will leave them franticly scurrying in search of a bathroom towel.


Thats right! Send your date home with her hair slicked back with a generous “super sized" glob of your own “home made" brand of hair gel. Now you have the option of upgrading the caliber of sexual bullets that you fire from “trainer rounds" to heavy duty artillery that will leave a huge impact on your intended target.

Clinically Proven in a Very Short Time

Its no joke or snake oil remedy either, because semen volume enhancers have been clinically proven to work. These clinical tests were definitely conclusive and didn"t take a team of researchers years to undertake either, as the results were generally quite immediately obvious.

How Many Tadpoles

One thing that you do have to watch out for though"Playboy", is that semen volume enhancers have also been clinically proven to increase your sperm count. Your sperm count is the actual number of “tadpoles" that are swimming in your “puddle".

Good News or Bad News

Surprisingly, statistically sperm counts in men in western countries are down roughly by half compared to twenty-five years ago. Scientists and fertility experts can only speculate as to the reason why but for men that don"t want kids this can only be good news. However; if you are one of the many men out there who are anxious to have their wages attached for child support payments, the news is grim.