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Male Hormone System

Every hour to two hours or so, a special part of the man"s brain secrets GnRH (gonadotropic releasing hormone). GnRH signals the pituitary gland to releaseLHa

(luteinizing hormone) andFSH (follicle-stimulating hormone).

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It is the luteinizing hormone LH which signals the testes to secrete testosterone which stimulates sexual desires and develops the male characteristics such as a deep voice, hair growth etc.

Collectively, testosterone and the hormone FSH stimulate the testes to produce sperm.


During my online research, I read many newsgroup and forum posts from men talking about their experiences with the prescription drug Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate, Serophene).

Apparently, Clomid stimulates the production of LH and FSH which generates more testosterone and semen production in men.


You should understand that Clomid"s primary use is as a fertility drug for women… where it"s used to stimulate the production of the female egg.

When a woman is under stress, the prescription drug Clomid can be used to regulate GnRH signals from her hypothalamus and restore ovulation.

I also learned that if a man"s pituitary hormones LH and FSH are low, but the man does have a working pituitary gland and hypothalamus, Clomid should be able to stimulate the hypothalamus to release GnRH at regular intervals.

When the hypothalamus properly secrets GnRH, the pituitary gland acts in response by producing LH and FSH.

REMEMBER: The prescription drug Clomid (a.k.aClomiphene Citrate, Serophene), is commonly used to treat ovulatory problems inwomen, however it has been shown to be effective in some men.

During my research, numerous men in the online forums and newsgroups posted that they were able to get their hands on some Clomid and that it did have a positive affect on their ejaculate volume.

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WARNING: The only problem getting Clomid is that it"s a prescription drug that is prescribed to women as a fertility drug. In the forums, the only way men were able to score some Clomid was through their Doctor as a result of a

LOW sperm count.

DANGEROUS: Understand that YOU can get into some SERIOUS “hot water" if you get caught purchasing a prescription drug (online, on the black market, Mexico etc.) WITHOUT a doctor"s prescription!!!

So, unless you have a “low sperm count" to get a prescription from your Doctor… or you have experience getting anabolic steroids and other “illegal" drugs… it"s next to impossible for most men to legally get Clomid…

PLUS, I personally don"t want to mess around with prescription drugs, so let"s move on to the herb Vitex that may closely mimic Clomid naturally, and legally!


Similar to Clomid, the natural herb Vitex (a.k.aChaste Tree or Chaste Berry, Agnus Castus) has been shown to stimulate the production ofLH (luteinizing hormone) which signals your testes to secrete testosterone.


Similar to Clomid, Vitex is marketed to women… although NOT as a fertility drug but rather an herbal supplement for balancing a woman"s monthly cycle and for the avoidance of PMS

What Kind of Vitex to Take?

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As I researched Vitex, the men posting results in the forums I visited had mixed results. Some experienced GREAT results while others reported NO increase in “volume" at all.

I wasn"t sure what to make of it until I continued trying different brands of Vitex myself.

Initially, I bought the cheapest bottle of Vitex I could find which was NOT standardized, containing 500mg of Vitex (as Agnus Castus) per capsule, and experienced poor results.

Then I read a tip regarding the issue of “standardized“.

I started a search for more Vitex products and found that the Nature"s Way “Femaprin" Vitex (as Chaste Tree) is standardized to 6% agnusides.

Drugs & Herbs

I learned that even though the “Femaprin" dosage is lower than other Vitex products, it delivers a lot more of the standardized ingredient agnusides.

After trying the Nature"s Way “Femaprin" Vitex for about a week, I did notice a difference in my ejaculate consistency. I also noticed my semen was more white in color & thicker in viscosity. So, if helping your semen to look more “white" and “think" is important to you, you may want to try Vitex to see how well it may work for you.

It"s Normally Sold To Women

Remember This: Vitex is a women"s product for PMS so if you walk into your local health store to buy Vitex… if you"re questioned about it, say it"s for your wife or girlfriend. Otherwise, you may get a strange look if the salesperson knows what Vitex is normally sold for!

Oily Skin: It"s also important to note that when I started taking Vitex, it made the skin on my shoulders an upper back a little bit oily – so if that happens to you, you"ll know why.

– 15 –

No Sex or Masturbation For A Few Days

As I stated on the earlier page, do NOT have sex or masturbate for about 5 or 6 days if you decide to try Vitex. You need to give your body a chance to load up on it before you notice anything.


Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional health care provider before changing any medication.

Best Volume Pills – Why choose Best Volume Pills

What can Volume Pills do for me?

Best Volume Pills-Pomegranate Juice and Its Ejaculation Abilities

If you are looking for a way to increase your ejaculation strength and power then you need to know about the amazing benefits of pomegranate juice.  If you are looking to have mind blowing intense orgasms, solid erections, and more then you might want to consider taking Performer5.  The performer5 ingredients include pomegranate juice.

Why Pomegranate Helps With Ejaculation

Pomegranate is a fruit that is known to provide many benefits for the body.  One of the recognized benefits of this fruit is its ability to help male enhancement.  This is particularly true for pomegranate juice.  The pomegranate juice that is used in the Performance5 volume pills can help to keep the blood flowing to your penis which means that it is ready to go when you are.

If you are looking for effective volume pills then you will know that these pills work by giving you a better and more satisfying sex life.  They do this by increasing the hormone levels in your body and they also increase the circulation and blood flow to the penis.  In doing this these pills also give you solid erections and increase the length of time that your erection lasts too.  This is great for anyone that suffers from premature ejaculation.  If this is the case then you really should look for pills with pomegranate.

Performer5 ingredients include pomegranate.  Pomegranate has proven to be extremely successful when it comes to erectile dysfunction and it helps men to maintain their erections for longer. This means that you will be able to last much longer in bed. Pomegranate has a lot of health benefits and if this ingredient is included in your enhancement pills you can expect to have solid erections, increased semen production, the ability to last longer in bed, have an increased sex drive and experience mind blowing intense orgasms.

It’s no  secret that a lot of men are unhappy with the size of their penis and they will go to great lengths to try and do something about it.  A small penis affects their self esteem and confidence.  It also affects their sexual function and their ability to have a good sexual relationship.  This doesn’t have to happen and thanks to Performer5 volume pills men really can change things.  They can have those mind blowing intense orgasms that they see on the porn films, they can have the solid erections and they can have the self esteem of the sex stud who pulls all the women in the night clubs.
For the best in volume pills you should check out Performer5.  These volume pills contain the all important pomegranate ingredient and they have proven to be a huge success with men all over the world.

Best Volume Pills-Don’t Let Age Become A Problem Of Your Sex Life

Best Volume Pills-Don’t Let Age Become A

Sex contrary to popular belief, is not just for the young and it is just as important in your senior years as in your younger years.  It can sometimes be slightly more challenging as when you get older, you are likely to have more health issues and maybe you won’t have as much energy and stamina as in your youth. Older men are a lot more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and low libido.
This could be due to health issues, poor diet and lifestyle, lack of confidence due to getting older and not feeling like you can perform.  There are many contributing factors of low libido (low sex drive) and erectile dysfunction in old age. However many men even well into their 60’s and 70’s still have some degree of sexual interest, but if suddenly that interest drops it could be well be down to an underlying condition. Depression and stress is a common contributing factor. Sometimes a rapid decline in male sex hormone can be due to an endocrine disorder. Even certain medications can cause a man to lose his sex drive. However it is best not to self-diagnose, if your lack of interest in sex occurs suddenly it is best to seek advice from a doctor.  If you are diagnosed with a particularly low testosterone level, treatment options may include testosterone replacement therapy.
Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age though it is more prevalent in men of a certain age, 75 and over, though it is not unusual for men a lot younger to suffer from this at some stage in their lives, especially when they are first starting out.  Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a wide range of things; Fatigue, Diabetes (High blood sugar), Anxiety and depression,  Alcohol and tobacco use, Brain and spinal cord injury, Stroke, Hypogonadism (which leads to lower testosterone levels), Parkinsons Disease to name just a few.
If your doctor suspects you are suffering from Erectile dysfunction, he may do a physical examination and samples of your blood and urine may be tested for certain disorders and diseases. If you do have Erectile dysfunction, it is treated depending on what the cause is. Medicines in tablet form or injections or even tiny suppositories are among the options.
Whatever the cause of your inability to perform or unwillingness to perform, there are solutions readily available to help. It is a myth that older men cannot enjoy sex, of course it may take its toll on your body more than it would in your twenties but you can adapt to a sex life that suits both you and your partner.
For a quick, fuss-free and safe answer to your problems, Performer5 male enhancement supplement could be the key.  Instead of taking medications that could possibly be harmful, with natural ingredients such as Pomegranate, L-Arginine and Muira Pauma it can revolutionise your love life at no risk. Read on to discover the following benefits of taking Performer5 for yourself:

•    A newly improved sexual stamina and energy that you thought you would never get back.
•    Much more pleasurable orgasms and ejaculate up to 5 times more that goes further than ever before.
•    A much increased libido, you will want to have sex again and more often!
•    Staying power like you had in your late teens and twenties.
•    A 100% money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with the results.

Seman Volume-Your Semen and You

Semen, or cum, is actually made up of ninety percent (90%) seminal fluids including fructose (sugar) and proteins; sperm accounts for only about one percent (1%) of its total volume and the rest is made up of trace minerals and nutrients.

Many guys are concerned with what their semen tastes like. This may rise from the fact that they want to score blow jobs.

Some people say that semen tastes bitter, salty, or even acrid. So for loads of exciting fun in the bedroom, you can make your partner swallow your cum if you make your cum taste better.

Since semen is excreted by the body, its taste and smell would most likely be affected by what you eat and drink. What is the best diet for better-tasting cum?

For one, you should start living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Say no to alcohol, drugs and nicotine. Avoid junk foods and instead have lots of fruits and greens in your diet, and remember to drink a lot of water.

Drinking fruit juices from pineapple, citrus, and cranberry is also known to make your cum taste sweeter. Throw in melon, mango, apple, or grape, and other fruits that are high in sugar. Likewise, vegetables like parsley and celery are recommended.

There are also some foods that you should steer clear of. Fish and red meat produce a bitter, fishy taste because of their alkaline content. Chemically-processed alcohol can also make your semen taste bitter. Instead, try naturally fermented drinks for a change. Garlic and onion are likely to produce strong odors since they are high in sulfur; so lay off on these.

A better-tasting semen is good; but having extra loads of better-tasting semen is better. The volume of your load depends upon a number of concerns, including age, heredity, and general health. We can’t change our age and genetics, but we could instead make dietary adjustments. There are various supplements that you can take like zinc oxide, Horny Goat Weed, L-Arginine, L-Lysine which are supposed to boost quantity of your load.

By simply increasing your fluid intake, you can increase the amount of your ejaculation. When your body is well hydrated, your body systems are able to work more efficiently and have less trouble getting water from the bloodstream.

The most important to remember, though, is to keep yourself healthy and fit. Regular exercise encourages good blood circulation, which in turn, aids ejaculation. Also, refrain from wearing tight clothing especially in the crotch area since it can decrease sperm count.

Male Volume Pills-Male Infertility

There are some couples who just can’t get pregnant after many attempts within the span of one year. When the problem is identified to be with the man, it is referred to as male infertility. According to statistics, male infertility accounts for a third of reported infertility cases.

A man is diagnosed to have male infertility when there is a problem with his ejaculation or his sperm count. Ejaculation is when semen is released through the penis during orgasm. When the man can’t properly release semen to get the woman pregnant, he can be suffering from: erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation (wherein the semen is pushed back into the bladder), or complications from surgery or radiation therapy.

A low sperm count (or no sperm at all) may be caused by severe mumps infection, hormonal disorder, hereditary factors, or infections. It can also be triggered by wearing tight or restrictive underwear, excessive use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs, and exposure to radiation or poisonous chemicals.

A man’s sperm may also be “abnormal,” which is said to be malformed and has a short life span. Thus, the sperm couldn’t “swim” correctly. This is brought on by abnormal development or inflammation of the testicles and swollen veins in the scrotum. This condition heats the inside of the scrotum and may critically affect the sperm production.

If you have concerns regarding male infertility, you should see a doctor immediately, especially if you tried getting pregnant for already a year. A physical examination may pinpoint the exact or underlying problems that may be causing the infertility and treat them early on. The examination would take into account your medical history, a culture of fluid from the penis, a blood test (to check for hormone problems or infections), and a semen analysis (to check the number and quality of sperm). More testing may be necessary, depending on the results.

You may be wondering if male infertility may be treated. Of course, it can be. In fact, more than 50 percent of male infertility cases can be remedied. Treatment by conventional methods may help the couple get pregnant through normal sexual intercourse. There are medications, antibiotics, and hormones that a man can take to help in sperm production, get rid of infection, or aid in hormonal imbalance. Also, you can try wearing loose clothing like boxers or avoiding hot tubs, saunas, and long hot showers.

Other treatments are also available, though these may be invasive or too expensive. This includes in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, and use of sperm donor. In vitro fertilization involves the fertilization of the couple’s sperm and egg in a laboratory and placing the fertilized egg inside the female’s uterus. Artificial insemination, on the other hand, involves the collection of sperm and manually placing it inside the fallopian tubes or the female uterus to facilitate conception. A donor sperm can instead be acquired if there is no sperm production at all or there are other functional problems with the man’s sperm.

Generally, male infertility caused by an illness or genetic problems cannot be prevented. Although, there are different ways and means that you can do to reduce the chances of having infertility problems. One way is to avoid drugs, alcohol, and other poisonous substances. Live a healthy lifestyle and practice good hygiene.

Best Volume Pills-Use Pomegranate For Mind Blowing Orgasms

If you are one of the many men out there that are looking for harder erections and the ability to last longer in bed then you need to read this.  You might have already come across hundreds of products and potions that claim to help but do they really?

If you are looking for better orgasms and you want to ejaculate more then Performer5 could be the product for you.  Most of the enhancement pills on the markets today attempt to enhance and increase erections by regulating nitric oxide in the body.  This is similar to what Viagra does to give men harder and longer erections.

The nitric oxide dilates the vessels and articles and this allows more blood to flow into the penis. The penis then becomes enlarged and causes you to have an erection.  The blood is prevented from leaving the penis and this process comes about when the body is aroused.


Best Volume Pills

Any man that has trouble getting and keeping an erection will usually have less nitric oxide.  If you decide that you want to do something about it then there is a brand new ingredient that is being introduced into the bestselling volume pills.  This ingredient really can help to give you better orgasms and allow you to ejaculate more.  This ingredient is a super fruit known as pomegranate.

Pomegranates contain massive amount of antioxidants and research has shown that there are some really positive effects on the body when this fruit is taken.  It has also been proven that pomegranate helps with male enhancement too and it is one of the main ingredients in the Performer5 volume pills.

Pomegranates can help to improve your orgasms and your ejaculation.  They help to give you harder erections that last longer and that can be triggered at will. These erections also last much longer and by taking Performer5 you can also help to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Best Volume Pills

Pomegranate is an all natural ingredient that is contained in the Performer5  and it really does provide some amazing health benefits along with its ability to improve a man’s sexual performance.  Pomegranate is a natural ingredient that has been tried and tested to ensure that it helps with improved orgasms and ejaculation.

With Performer5 you get this natural ingredient and a lot more too.  The Performer5 volume pills are 100% natural and organic and they can help men to ejaculate harder and longer just like the men who star in porn films. They can also help to prolong your ejaculations too and give you rock hard erections.  The other side of this of course is that your sexual confidence will soar and your partner will receive the benefits too as she enjoys the best orgasms ever from your newly improved rock hard erections.

Does Weight Affect Sperm Quality?

Does Weight Affect Sperm Quality?

Best Volume Pills

With the spread of obesity throughout the industrialized world and a series of warnings about this growing problem from the rest of the world, many questions have been raised about how would obesity influence millions of lives. One such question is the title of this article. No studies have been performed yet to determine whether obesity has a direct impact on the quality of sperm, but science has already identified several indirect links between obesity and a decrease in the quality of sex and sperm.

What we know for a fact is that overweight and obese people tend to cut down on effort whenever they can. This has a big influence on sex since regular effort is crucial to the secretion of testosterone by the body. Testosterone does not regulate the quality of sperm, but it does influence the sex drive and the growth of spermatogenic tissue in the testes. It is this tissue that performs the very production of sperm. A decrease in the normal level of testosterone, which is bound to happen to every “couch potato” person who tends to avoid effort, leads to a drop in the libido. The individual is no longer as interested in sex as before, nor does he get as much pleasure from it as he used to. Combined with the frequent exposure to substances that mimic the effects of the estrogen hormone, the low level of testosterone may lead to shrinking penis and testicles.

Moreover, people who are overweight or obese may have unbalanced diets that tend to leave out foods rich in zinc. Zinc is one of the most important minerals that enters the human body through food. It is found in oysters, beans, nuts and seeds. A deficiency of zinc, resulting from the inadequate intake or absorption of zinc, is marked by hair loss, skin lesions and wasting of body tissues. Zinc is very important for the production of sperm and for maintaining the quality and motility of sperm. Without enough zinc, the quality of sperm will suffer.

Therefore we recommend to all overweight persons to try the powerful ProShape rx. This product is based on powerful natural substances, such as the amazing Hoodia Gordonii, that promote the burning of stored fat and prevent the body from storing energy as new fat. Hoodia Gordonii is used in dietary supplements and weight loss pills to curb the feeling of hunger and help users find the motivation they need to get through with restrictive diets. Aside from this top quality weight loss product, we also recommend VolumePills as a way of boosting your sex life and making sure you receive your daily supply of zinc. These pills are sure to keep the quality of your sperm at the highest mark.

Does Weight Affect Sperm Quality?

Does Weight Affect Sperm Quality?

What are Drlizen and Solidilin

What are Drlizen and Solidilin


Best Volume Pills

The entire power of a male enhancement pill or patch lies in the active substances that make up the formula. These substances are usually chosen after extensive research of their effects on the human body and have to be of the highest quality. The effectiveness of any such product is based on the quality of its ingredients. For instance, the amazing ProSolution Pills, a penis enlargement product, and VolumePills, a semen volume booster, are based on a series of natural ingredients, some of them herbal and some not.

The two leading ingredients behind the most successful products available on the penis enlargement market are called Drilizen and Solidilin. While perfectly natural, these two substances are trademarked names designed to protect the formula behind ProSolution Pills and VolumePills. The basic function of Drilizen is to increase the release of nitric oxide, which promotes the dilation of blood vessels. Faster flowing blood means bigger erections that last longer. The nitric oxide also relaxes the smooth muscle that allows the blood to flow into the penis and fill the two sponge-like tissues called Corpora Cavernosa. Drilizen also contains an active ingredient called protodioscin, which helps increase the secretion of a hormone that regulates the production of testosterone by the body.

Solidilin is a compound made of substances that act upon the psychological part of sex. While Drilizen, Zinc, Taj and Momordica take care of the physical side, Solidilin, Reishi Mushrooms and Musli make sure that the motivation grows and pleasure follows. One of the substances that make up Solidilin was found to dramatically improve sexual motivation and quality. The study was conducted by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences belonging to the University of Sciences, Malaysia. Solidilin also contains L-Dopa, the substance used by the body to synthesize dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter heavily involved with the sense of pleasure humans feel after engaging in naturally rewarding activities, like having sex, eating food or taking recreational drugs.

Drilizen and Solidilin play a very important role in helping increase penis size and the frequency and quality of sex. Acting on both the physical and psychological fronts, these substances combine with the other ingredients of ProSolution Pills and VolumePills to deliver a safe and effective way of increasing penis size and sexual pleasure.

What are Drlizen and Solidilin

What are Drlizen and Solidilin