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Prostate Gland

Prostate Gland

Similar to the perineum area, stimulation of the prostate gland often increases the pleasure when ejaculating… but more importantly, I"ve found that I can also add more distance to my cumshots when I stimulate my prostate gland.

Prostate Gland

The prostate, which as you know by now is responsible for producing a large portion of a man"s ejaculate fluid, is located inside the body between the base of the scrotum and the anus.


If you have an enlarged prostate, you should skip the tips on this page.

Prostate Stimulation

If you"d like to try to gain more power and distance, integrate some sort of anal penetration to stimulate the prostate before ejaculating.

What follows may sound homosexualish (is that a word?) but read this tip to

the end…

To stimulate your prostate gland, try inserting a finger (yours or hers) up your anus and slightly bend the finger forward (towards your scrotum) at the 2nd or 3rd knuckle while it"s inserted. You can also find sex toys that are designed with a slight curve that are made specifically for prostate stimulation.

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I know you are thinking that only gay men would do such a thing… but in the privacy of your own home, let your wife or girlfriend try it out on you (anyway, gay is when two persons of the same sex get it on).

The truth is that many heterosexual men enjoy it. I"m sure you"ve seen an adult move at least once in your life where the girl gives the guy a finger in the backdoor. If not, you need to watch more porn.

Some heterosexual men probably fear that if they let anything up “there“… that means they"re gay. That simply isn"t the truth.

More Distance

You"ll find that as you ejaculate while your partner, or yourself, has her finger or a sex toy stimulating your prostate, the entire area around your prostate, including your anus, will throb and can often cause uncontrollable orgasmic spasms.

The experience can offer longer, more intense orgasms and ejaculation with far greater intensity, volume and distance.

Don"t let a little anal play stop you from experiencing this yourself.

Bigger Loads and Stronger Orgasms With Volume Pills

Bigger LoadsIf given the opportunity what man would not jump on the chance to improve the satisfaction they can achieve in the bedroom and to improve the overall power, strength, and sensations that come with their orgasms?

Even if you have never considered male enhancement products before and are sure that you are more than satisfied in the bedroom, there is always more to learn and a number of ways that you can truly take sexual pleasure to the next level. That is why Volume Pills are the perfect male enhancement product for anyone that is looking for a little extra oomph in the bedroom, whether they are aware of it or not.

While most male enhancement products focus on increasing size in order to improve the pleasure of sex for women, these all natural pills are about maximizing pleasure during sex for everyone involved. The natural ingredients within these pills can stimulate larger, harder and longer lasting erections while multiplying the volume of Ejaculation Exponentially. The increased volume of semen is incredibly attractive and satisfying for women because it is a proven sign of excellent fertility and provides the ultimate in pleasure for men as their penile muscles have to work harder and faster to push all of the ejaculate out. That extra work can even lead to multiple orgasms for men, something that we all thought women had a monopoly on for the past few years.

When you take a close look at all of the benefits that Volume Pills bring to the table, it is astonishing how so much can come out of one tiny pill. How can one small pill give you bigger, stronger erections, boost quality and size of ejaculation, and allow you to impress any sexual partner that is lucky enough to get into bed with you?

Bigger LoadsThe secret to success is within the precise and proven combination of natural ingredients that goes into each and every Volume Pill. The Pills Themselves have been tested time and time again and the ingredients have been altered to ensure that the product itself can offer the most benefits possible.

On top of the fact that pumping out more semen undoubtedly feels and looks sexy, the increase in volume is one of the best ways to give you stronger and make orgasms better than you have ever had before. Your body will have to work harder to push out all of the semen and those extra sensations will push you over the edge and leave you and your partner screaming for more.

Even if you never realized that an impressive penish enlargement product such as this was so readily available, or never considered using such a product before, the proven benefits and guarantee is more than enough to help you understand why so many men have used this product before. One tiny pill can allow you to take control of your sex life and give yourself and your love what you both crave.

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