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Porn Star Ejaculation Technique

Porn Star Ejaculation Technique

I learned the following tips in a newsgroup from a helpful guy who claimed to have worked “crew" on several adult movie sets.

According to the adult movie “crew member", when the stars are ready to let it fly, they stand or get on their knees (rarely will the biggest cumshots happen while lying on your back) and pump their developed PC muscle as they.

Porn Star Ejaculation Technique

Another technique some stars use during their own manual stimulation at the end of a scene (as they cum), is to apply gentle pressure just below the head of their penis at the time they unload for a greater initial shot. Similar to applying pressure with your thumb to a garden hose stream of water to make it spray farther.

You can also try gently squeezing your Urethra (the canal that runs up the entire underside of your penis) for a little added pressure to create more distance as you ejaculate. This is a tip I"ve personally used with success,

25 –

especially after my first pop or two are over and I begin to spurt shorter, I simply tighten my grip, which compresses my Urethra just a bit, and I get more distance on pop 3 and 4.

Another way to get more distance from shot 2, 3 and 4 is to continue to flex your PC muscle as you ejaculate. When you first ejaculate with popshot 1 & 2, your ejaculation will mostly be involuntary (it just happens), although as you continue, remember to focus on your PC muscle and keep pumping it as you finish ejaculating. I can usually squeeze out one last long distance shot towards the end…

when normally, the guy with an underdeveloped PC probably wouldn"t be able to produce a shot like that.

If you"ve ever seen a Peter North movie, watch closely how he handles himself as he plants his load on his co-star(s). You"ll notice that justbefore he"s about to cum, he usually takes his hand or his index finger, as it"s clenched around his penis, and rubs his frenulum (the underside tip of the penis) a second before he cums – and then uses short little squeeze pumps up against the head of his penis, probably adding a little pressure to his Urethra until he"s empty. If you follow Pete"s example, your first few streams will likely shoot out several feet, especially if you also pump your

PC muscle as you go.

+ Frequency & Age

Ejaculation Frequency

As with ejaculate volume, ejaculation frequency plays a role in distance as well.

After several days of no ejaculations, you"ll find you get a more intense orgasm that will likely produce more seminal fluid and distance due to heightened penis sensitivity and a stronger ejaculatory reflex, both due to the period of abstinence.

For example, I"ve found that when I ejaculate after a period of several days of abstinence, I can usually shoot my first few streams 2 or 3 feet in distance as compared to only a foot or so with more frequent ejaculation.

– 26 –

Age Factor On Distance

The following survey was administered at the JackinWorld.com website: “The Ultimate Male Masturbation Resource“.

Question: In one of your better ejaculations while lying on your back, how far does the semen get ejected from your penis?

(a)less than an inch/dribble = 4.9% (average age:19.1)

(b)1 to 6 inches – belly button to lower chest = 26.7% (average age:19.4)

(c)5 to 15 inches – your upper chest = 36.6% (average age:20.8)

(d)more than 15 inches – past your chest = 31.0% (average age: 22.5)

(e)no answer = 0.9%

Percentage of readers responding (c) or (d), by age group:

Age                Percentage

11-14               52.6%

15-16               64.8%

17-21               72.0%

22-35               80.2%

36 and over 72.0%

– 27 –

To wrap this Increase Ejaculate Distance section up… we learned again

that AGE is uncontrollable, BUT by…

Tip 6: Strengthening Your PC Muscle

Tip 7: Massaging the Perineum Area

Tip 8: Stimulating the Prostate Gland

Tip 9: Using the Porn Star Ejaculation Technique\


+ Abstaining from Frequent Ejaculation

… you CAN add more DISTANCE to your ejaculations!