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Varicocele- Man’s Fertility


A varicocele, in medical terms it would be referred to as an abnormal dilatation of the testicular veins. It is akin to having a varicose vein on the testicles. Just the same as some individuals have on their legs. These veins are dilated because blood is unable to drain properly from them and the veins allow extra blood to pool in the scrotum which has a detrimental effect on sperm production. It is usually painless although some people report discomfort. A small percentage of people will feel a ‘dragging’ feeling from their Varicocele. Sizes of Varicoceles vary, some are very large and can be visibly seen, and some can only be felt and not seen.

Varicocele- Man’s FertilityVaricoceles seem to disappear as you lie down as the blood from the veins drains away, when you stand gravity will cause the blood to pool again and the Varicocele will reappear. This poses more of a problem if a Varicocele appears in a man over the age of 40 as this can denote a possible blockage of a larger vein in the abdomen or an indication of a tumour of the kidney that has developed which is pressing on veins. However without evaluation by a doctor it is important not to jump to conclusions.

It is by far the most common (and easily correctable) abnormality that is believed to occur with male infertility, 1 in 7 men have one and they usually appear between the ages of 15 and 25. It can be corrected by minor out-patient surgery although this is only carried out if causing significant discomfort or if the testis is not growing properly in the case of a teenager with a Varicocele. Surgery involves tying off the veins that are enlarged, alternatively, a special substance injected into the veins to block them. This type of surgery is very successful although it is not always a permanent solution as some men will develop new Varicocele months or sometimes years later.

Man’s Fertility

This is due to the veins left behind to take the blood from the testes may enlarge themselves or dilate with the extra blood they are now carrying. Surgery can be carried out in the same way if it re-occurs.

Studies show that there is a higher rate of infertility in men with a Varicocele compared to those without a Variocele. The pooled blood is believed to create a slighter higher temperature in the scrotum than what is normal so this may reduce the number and quality of sperm made by the testes which can decrease your fertility. Even one Varicocele on one side can cause both testes to be warmed by the increased level of blood pooled in the enlarged veins. Up to 40% of infertile men have a Varicocele and even when found in young men, its presence is said to cause damage over time and that fertility could dwindle over time. On the contrary, at least 15% of healthy fertile men have a Varicocele so it is important to note that it does not necessarily mean having a Varicocele will have any effect on a man’s fertility nor does it means that you are or will become infertile, it is just a possibility. After treatment on a Varicocele, your fertility may improve it may not but there are many infertility options to consider which may or may not be linked so if you find yourself with a Varicocele do not be alarmed.

Male Infertility Defined

Male Infertility Defined

A male is considered infertile if both he and his partner have been attempting to achieve a pregnancy for one year of regular intercourse without the use of contraception and still no joy. The woman is quite often blamed and undergoes unnecessary treatment and expenses but in actual fact, more often than not childless marriages are due to the fact than the man is infertile. 20 to 30 per cent of a man"s low fertility rate can sometimes be the main reason for a woman’s failure to conceive. It is still quite a taboo subject for a man and many do not address that they have a problem or even seek help as they believe that admitting it would make him the object of ridicule but it needn’t do because it is not only an extremely common problem and in 90% of cases it can be effectively treated.

Male Infertility DefinedGenerally if you have been trying for a baby for under a year, it is not really a great cause for concern if nothing seems to be happening – It can take time to conceive a child and not at all unusual for it to take several months especially if it is a first born. This is perfectly acceptable in the medical world but less so for a couple who very much want a child, it can be very worrying and frustrating for both the man and the woman. If a year has gone by and you have still not managed to conceive, you are considered infertile, but the good news is that something can be done about it.

If you are being investigated for infertility, you will need to send a sample of your semen off for semen analysis. You should get the results within a few days. You have the option of having a simple screening test in the privacy of your own home if you would prefer not to wait for your GP to test you. It is a far more private and less stressful solution to what is for some quite an anxious time. The semen is screened for sperm count, sperm motility (percentage of active sperm) sperm morphology (shape of the sperm) or for other possible problems such as blood cells or white cells that can highlight damage or infection that could be a concluding factor to infertility.


If a man’s sperm count is less than 20 million per ml he is considered at risk of becoming infertile, if the sperm count is less than 500,000 per ml he is considered sterile and unable to father a child. The treatment for infertility depends largely on the results of the analysis.


Even if you have no real reason to fret about your fertility, It may be worth testing yourselves if you smoke very heavily, drink to excess, are a body builder or take performance enhancing drugs, if you have ever been exposed to harmful chemicals or elements at work and if you have ever had any kind of STD (sexually transmitted disease). If any of these apply to you, you could be at risk of suffering infertility and needing fertility treatment at some stage so if you are considering starting a family it is advised that you seek help as discovering these problems early can lead to prompt treatment and a successful pregnancy at the end of it.

How to Increase Semen Volume – Male Volume Enhancers

Male Volume Enhancer

Male Volume Enhancer

Reduction in semen volume can be confidence killer. Everyone wants to increase his semen volume for better orgasm, reproduction and confidence. Due to age, weak muscles, hormonal imbalance, problems related to prostrate glands and sometimes acute condition of PE cause reduction in the semen volume.

Many experts suggest that nutritional diet and exercises can help in increasing semen volume, this may be helpful but in most of the cases this solution is too simple. Men may have many reasons attributing in the reduction of semen volume and unless the solution to every reason is not provided the problem will not subside. There are many pills and supplements in the market which claim to be effective but most of them are not. These pills shall posses all round treatment of the problem to be effective as there can be different reason causing the problem for every person.

Semenax and volume pills are very effective pills for resolving the problem and helping in increasing the semen volume. Many very effective and trusted herbs have been blended with natural compounds to make these pills which can take a good care of each and every reason for this problem including growing age. These pills affect positively the organs related to this problem as well as psychological reasons and life style related causes to alleviate the condition.

Semenax and volume pills contains essential amino acids like L-arginine, this amino acid is magical in improving levels of nitric oxide which boosts immunity system, cures erectile dysfunction, removes ammonia and release hormones. Studies have shown that L-arginine can increase sperm counts to double with in 2 weeks of its use. L-lysine is another compound used in both of these pills to increase semen volume, this compound reacts with zinc for an increase in sperm production. Epimedium sagitattum popularly known as horny goat"s weed is a natural herbal aphrodisiac and improves testosterone levels in the body to increase semen volume. This is an old and trusted herb used as an ingredient in semenax and volume pills.

Zinc oxide as a supplement provides quick and safe increase in semen volume as synthesis of testosterone relies on zinc supplements and zinc supplements can stimulate the production of testosterone and eventually sperms. Apart from this zinc oxide is an excellent anti-oxidant which improves blood flow and clears blood vessels by dilating them which helps in boosting libido and endurance.

L- Carnitine is another naturally occurring vitamin like compound which is provided by these pills as supplement. This compound plays a very vital role in improving semen quality and quantity, it is very helpful in improving sperm metabolism and energy. It has been found very effective in the cases of person suffering with low sperm motility. Pumpkin seeds are very common and natural substance but extremely helpful in increasing volume of semen. These seeds are helpful in maintaining health of prostrate glands and also help the body in flushing out parasites. These seeds give relaxation to the muscles of urinary bladder for better functioning.

Above said ingredients of Semenax and volume pills makes them very good pills for increasing semen volume and also the quality of semen. These pills also take care of prostrate glands and urinary organs for better over all health and are free of side effects.

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Male Volume Enhancer

Male Volume Enhancer