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What is Normal Semen

What is Normal Semen

There are a lot of men out there who worry about their semen and most of this worry comes from watching porn films and seeing how these stars ejaculate massive amounts of semen and seem to ejaculate for long periods of time too. It leads these men to believe that they need better semen production and that there is something wrong with them.

What is Normal SemenBut what is normal semen? How much should you have and how long should you ejaculate for? This all depends on your semen production and your hormones and in order to fully understand this you need to understand what semen is, where it is made and what the normal semen volume is.

Semen is a whitish or grey liquid that is emitted during ejaculation. This semen contains the sperm and secretions of from the glands of the male reproductive organs. The purpose of this semen is for reproduction but the ejaculation of semen is accompanied by orgasm and sexual pleasure for men too.

Semen is made up of the secretions of several different glands but only 5% of this comes from the testicles. Normal semen volume is said to be 1 to 5.6 millilitres per ejaculation. If this is too low or too high it can lead to fertility problems.

There are a number of causes for low semen volume and these can include blockages in the ejaculation duct and hormonal abnormalities to name but a few. If you think that you don’t produce enough semen or you want to prolong your ejaculations like those studs in the porn movies then help is at hand. There are pills on the markets that are called volume enhancers and these help to improve your ejaculation.

The top volume enhancing pill

The top volume enhancing pill today is Volume Pills  and these pills are 100% natural and safe to use for men of all ages. These pills help to improve your ejaculation, give you a stronger erection and make your orgasms extremely intense. They enhance your sexual pleasure and that of your partner too.

These volume enhancing pills work to provide your body with all the nutrients that it requires to improve and increase your sperm production. These nutrients also help to provide increased blood supply to the penis and this in turn gives you much more powerful erections and longer lasting orgasms too.

If you feel like you need better semen production then Volume Pills can help from day 1. They give their users a 500% increase in semen production, more powerful ejaculations, improved virility and staying power and much more. They are perfect for anyone who is suffering from fertility or erection problems and the best thing of all is that they work really quickly with most men reporting results in just a matter of days.

Semen: How much is enough


One thing that men as they get to a certain stage in their lives have to accept that they are not as virile as they once were, their bodies have changed and they quite often will not make as much semen as they used to as a young man and because of this; they may have very limited and weak ejaculations. This can cause a lot of upset and frustration for both the man and his partner.

Semen: How much is enoughIn your youth, semen production, sperm count and the quality of both should be at the very peak, once you are over 35 years of age this can slowly decline with age. Over time changes to the prostate and surrounding glands means that the semen volume will be considerably lower than it once was, while upsetting and frustrating for many, it is regretfully just the part and parcel of getting old and is nothing to worry about

Another possible cause for a loss of semen production is excessive ejaculation. The glands need time to produce more secretions, when you are young this can be relatively quick, however the older you are the longer this process takes to happen and it can take a good few days to restore your ejaculatory volume to its full potential. It is advised to try and hold off from sexual intercourse and/or masturbation too often to give the body a chance to restore its semen volume. Studies conducted have suggested that sperm count is the highest in morning and afternoon. So if this is possible, try and save your sex attempts for the morning and you will find you will ejaculate more.

How much is enough

There are other contributing factors to a lack in semen production; a slightly disregarded reason is dehydration. This is a very common cause but quite significant, as semen is a fluid secretion so the more hydrated you are the more semen you will produce. Certain medications can also hamper semen production, health conditions such as diabetes and pelvic surgery. It is well worth a visit to an urologist for advice if you are worried.

A safe and successful solution could be to invest in a natural semen enhancing product such as Performer5. This supplement comes very highly recommend by medical professionals as well as being infamously used by world class porn stars, it is a natural formulation, its main active ingredients are L-arginine, Zinc, Pomegranate extract and Mucuna Pruriens. Pomegranate in particular is noted for its effect on virility. One tablet a day will super charge your sex drive; improve stamina that you may now be lacking, increase the power and frequency of your ejaculations and produce strong, solid erections. Just because your body isn’t as young as it used to be does not mean you still can’t have the sex life you used to and then some. For more information on how Volume Pills could work for you, visit the official website today.

Perform Like A Porn Star

Perform Like A Porn Star

You’ve watched the porn movies. You’ve seen how these studs perform. You’ve seen how they ejaculate huge amounts and for long periods of time. It has probably made you feel like your ejaculations are really weak. If so then you need to know about the power of Volume Pills. These natural organic pills could change your life and have you performing like a porn star in no time at all. These 100% safe pills actually increase your ejaculation by up to 5 times.

Perform Like A Porn StarIf you want to perform like a porn star and ejaculate like a real man then these volume pills are for you. Volume Pills contain 100% natural ingredients and this fantastic formula is more than capable of giving you huge ejaculations. The main ingredients in these volume pills are zinc, L-Arginine and pomegranate and they have all been proven to help with male enhancement and improved orgasms and ejaculations.

All you have to do is take the volume pills. With just one serving your will notice the difference and you will be able to experience the satisfaction that comes with watching your partner as she realises that she is in bed with a real man. You will blow her mind with your huge ejaculation volumes and you will perform like a porn star.

With Volume Pills you will be able to boost your potency and perform to porn star levels every single time. You will never have to worry about underperforming again. Your confident in the bedroom with improve and this will of course lead to more sex. Did you know that women are actually more turned on by confident men.

Volume Pills increase your testosterone levels and allow you to actually perform all night long. The secret to porn star ejaculation has been revealed and you can dramatically improve your sexual performance thanks to Performer5. If you want to perform like a porn star then all you have to do is do what they do. They use these volume pills.

Increase Ejaculation Volumes

Some of the top porn stars use Volume Pills because it is a really fast and easy way to improve your sex life. Porn stars know that in order for your body to produce large amounts of semen, it needs to have a large amount of the right nutrients and this is what Volume Pills gives you.

Volume Pills helps you to perform up to 5 times better and the 100% natural ingredients that are contained in these volume pills have been proven by doctors to increase ejaculation volumes.

If you are tired of just watching how these porn stars perform and you would like to transform your sex life then you need to give your body what it needs. You need to make sure that you can perform like a porn star and have the intense orgasms that last longer. You need to take Volume Pills. Your rock hard erections and powerful ejaculations are going to give your partner more pleasure than she has ever dreamed of and your intense orgasms will leave you feeling on top of the world and ready to do it all again.

Best ways to increase Semen Production

Best ways to increase Semen Production

If you are fed up with your weak disappointing ejaculations, the problem could well be that you are suffering from low semen production. But have no fear — there are ways to rectify this problem.

Best ways to increase Semen ProductionThe average male will only produce about 2 to 5ml of semen during ejaculation but this can sometimes be significantly lower. You should try to limit your sexual activity if you want to improve your semen as very frequent sex and masturbation will affect the quality and consistency of the semen as your body can only give out so much at one time.

If you are carrying any extra weight this could also have a considerable impact on your semen production. Extra fat contributes to higher levels of estrogen in the body which inhibit the production of testosterone (the male sex hormone). If your levels of testosterone are particularly low this not only decreases your libido and virility, it can make your chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction much more likely and will result in you being unable to produce an adequate amount of semen. So to make sure you get the most out of your semen you should make sure that you get as much moderate exercise as possible, there are certain exercises that really will boost your semen levels, a few examples of these are; deadlifts, chin ups, squats and bench presses.

Increase Semen Production

Diet is another crucial factor when it comes to semen production. Foods that contain Zinc e.g. red meat, celery, pumpkin and celery seeds, are very beneficial and very effective at giving semen volume a boost as well as offering obvious health benefits. With all this is mind it is well worth incorporating into your diet. Be sure to keep well hydrated and drink plenty of water, this will encourage semen production. As it goes without saying that if your body is dehydrated and body lacks nutrition it is not going to function as it should and semen production will be affected.

If all else fails there are a number of natural ejaculation volume pills available. They usually consist of traditional herbs, vitamins and minerals that are clinically proven to increase the ejaculate volume and help you to attain rock hard erections, additionally increasing the power of ejaculate resulting in amazing orgasms. However it is difficult to know which one of these natural volume pills really will improve semen quantity and quality. One natural ejaculation improvement pill you need to try is Performer5.

Volume Pills is a highly potent blend of Zinc, Pomegranate extract, L-arginine and Mucuna Pruriens. With no harmful chemicals, this clinically approved male enhancement product is highly approved and used by world class porn stars because it dramatically increases semen production, resulting in intense ejaculations like you’ve never experienced before and boosts sexual appetite and stamina. It is now no secret how porn stars wow the audience with their staying power. Just one tablet a day is all you need to achieve great fulfilling sex and it can be purchased from its official website.

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Semenax and Healthy Sperm

If you"re looking to conceive and you"ve heard how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy sperm count, take heart. You can have healthy swimmers with minor lifestyle adjustments. You don"t have to become a monk or banish yourself to a deserted island to protect your sperm either.

Semenax and Healthy Sperm

But you do need to be aware that healthy sperm thrives with a specific set of biological factors. What"s more, you can boost your sperm count and quality with a proven semen volume enhancer, like Semenax. More on that later. First, let"s look at how lifestyle affects sperm.

The average sperm count for a healthy male is between 120 million to 350 million per cubic centimetre. A low count is below 40 million. The more sperm you have, the greater your chances for insemination. You can also gauge healthy sperm by its motility, or ability to move to an egg.

Healthy lifestyle is very important for high sperm count and sperm motility. You"ve heard it said many times to abstain from smoking, recreational drugs and excessive alcohol. Here"s another reason: they all adversely affect sperm. So if you"re looking to conceive, don"t smoke, drink or do drugs!

Chemical exposure, from pesticides, plastics and industrial pollutants is hard to avoid in today"s consumer-driven society. They"re also proven to damage sperm. Go organic where possible, especially for pesticide-heavy products like apples. Better yet, go organic with all your food. Yes it can be more expensive, but your swimmers will thank you for it. Avoid plastic containers and wrapping, as they all contain traces of industrial pollutants. Inconvenient, yes, but it"s a short-term adjustment.

Healthy diet plays a major role in male fertility. Go green, with lots of leafy vegetables, like kale, Broccoli And Spinach. Lemons and oranges are good. Fresh organic fruits, whole grains and legumes can all ensure your sperm are numerous and healthy. Stay away from animal products with a high fat content with hormones, like dairy, chicken, beef and pork. A bit of an adjustment here for your inner carnivore, but while you"re looking to conceive, it"s a good way to go.

Avoid coffee, tea and alcohol while you"re looking to conceive as well. Tell yourself they"re short-term sacrifices.

Semenax and Healthy SpermExercise helps maintain a healthy body weight. Moderate exercise, five times a week for at least 45 minutes can be very beneficial to male fertility. Moderate is the key here; excessive exercise, like marathon running and professional sports can lower sperm count. On the other hand, obesity is linked to lowered sperm count and impotence. Light and regular exercise relieves stress and helps maintain healthy body weight. Both are essential to healthy sperm.

Nutritional supplements can also be an effective way to boost male fertility. Vitamin C and zinc are the most important nutrients here; vitamin C, at 2000 to 6000 milligrams a day prevents sperm from sticking together, which increases motility and the odds they"ll reach their target. Zinc is proven to boost testosterone, sperm count and motility. A good dose of zinc is 100 to 200 milligrams a day.

Arginine is an amino acid that can also boost increase count and motility.

For further assistance from mother nature in boosting male fertility, there"s a variety of herbals that stimulate erections, sex drive, blood flow to the sex organs and improve overall sexual health. These herbals include panax ginseng, muira puama, ginkgo biloba, horny goat weed and tribulus terrestris.

And some trivial habits you can change that will have your swimmers plentiful and happily moving. Don"t stick your cell phone in your front pant pocket! While ongoing research continues into cell phones and the effects of radiation on the human body, some studies suggest that putting your phone near your groin might expose your sperm to radiation, thus lowering their count. Also, avoid tight-fitting pants (like spandex) that fit tightly around the groin, and don"t spend excessive time exposing your penis to hot water. They both lower sperm production.

Finally, when looking to conceive, take Semenax! As the most effective semen volume enhancer available today, Semenax boosts sperm volume and health with its potent blend of safe amino acids and herbal extracts, including arginine, muira puama and tribulus terrestris. Remember them? All in Semenax, which produces no known side effects and being all-natural, doesn"t require a trip to a doctor.

Semenax also increases sperm load, which means longer orgasms. You"re cool with that right?

This article outlines male fertility and how you can increase your chances of a healthy conception. When blended with Semenax, some time, patience and a whole lot of sex (gee, life is so rough!) you"re well on your way to a baby in your future.

Happy conception!

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Sperm Increase

Best Volume Pills – Why choose Best Volume Pills

Seman Increase -Reasons for the Increase or Decrease of Sperm Production

Although women stop producing egg cells upon menopause, they are born with all the eggs she will ever need. Men on the other hand, produce Seman cells upon puberty. Consequently, their daily activities may affect the Seman production process.

When the Seman fails to be produced properly or not at all, conception becomes almost impossible for his partner. There are various causes for the increases and decrease in Seman production. The factors that may affect the Seman quality could actually be summarized in six main points namely: Seman mobility, concentration, morphology, speed, count and last but not the least, sub-fertility. Drawbacks in any of these areas can vastly affect the chances of conception.

Seman mobility refers to the Seman"s ability to move in a rather dynamic and active fashion. When it comes to healthy Seman, more than 50% of them may be considered as active if over 25% of them moving vehemently in one direction. Its significance can be understood by the fact that it enables the Seman to travel through the cervical canal, into the uterus and the fallopian tubes and finally, to break through the egg.

Next is concentration that refers to the measure of the number of Seman cells in a milliliter of semen. The average or normal concentration measures around 22 million Seman cells per milliliter of semen.

The third point is morphology. A healthy Seman cell bears a resemblance to a tadpole in shape. The oval head of the Seman holds the genetic material, while the center provides energy and the tail thrusts the Seman forward. In addition, experts believe that oddly shaped Seman are not capable of fertilizing an egg.

Speed is another factor that affects Seman quality. Based on the study made by the World Health Organization in a healthy male, beyond 25% of Seman will exhibit progressive mobility. These are the Seman with the best chance of successfully infiltrating and fertilizing an egg.

Seman count is also a vital factor in Seman production. Count refers to the number of Semans in the fluid that is ejaculated. There are over 50 million Semans in a normal ejaculate, and a total count below 40 million may indicate decreased fertility.

The sixth and last factor is sub-fertility. The term refers to the couples that are unable to reach conception even after a year’s period of unprotected intercourse. However, this is different from infertility. The typical causes of male sub-fertility include Seman production problems, blockage in the Seman’s delivery system, injuries to the testicles, low or high hormone production, anatomical problems, varicocele, past illnesses, side effects of medications, and Seman quality.

Increasing the volume of ejaculation has become a common obsession among men. During the past few years, the medical community had been committed to developing a safe and effective alternative treatment than the run of the mill advice that has been handed down from one generation to the next. Recent studies show that increasing Seman volume could actually be accomplished in two ways. First is by taking herbal supplements that contain amino acids and zinc. Amino acids, if taken regularly, are generally believed to increase ejaculate fluid. On the other hand, zinc seems to improve both the amount of Seman produced as well as the Seman"s ability to move spontaneously and independently. Together with amino acids, this will increase Seman volume significantly.

The second way is doing PC exercises. Although Kegel exercises can help you last longer, they can also aid in increasing Seman volume. Several exercises can help to keep your penis in great shape and shoot like a champion.


What is Seman Volume made of?


Semen is the fluid containing spermatozoa, which is secreted by the sexual glands of males. It is discharged by the body through the process known as ejaculation and used to fertilize the female ova.

The human semen is composed mainly of seminal plasma, which is the fluid secreted by the accessory male reproductive organs (the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland). The bulbourethral organs glands also contribute with a small amount of viscous mucus, which gives semen its texture and cohesion.

The purpose of the seminal plasma is to protect and feed the spermatozoa during their journey to the ova through the female reproductive tract. The normal environment of the vagina is too acidic for sperm cells, aside from the presence of local cells which are part of the immune system and which view sperm cells as foreign entities. This is why the sperm contains a series of basic amines designed to counter the vagina acidity and to protect the DNA inside the sperm cell from acidic destruction.

Finally, the mucus and texturizing proteins serve to increase the mobility of sperm cells in the vagina and cervix by creating a less viscous channel for the sperm cells to swim through, and preventing their diffusion out of the semen.



Seman Volume

Seman Volume -Diet and semen production

One of the things most people overlook in their daily routines is that food is more than just something to tickle your taste buds and fill your stomach. Food is also your daily source for a whole series of substances that are required for the proper functioning of your body.

The most important addition to your diet is zinc. This metal plays a crucial role in the human body by helping the action of antioxindants and thus slowing down the aging process. It also serves to stabilize the DNA in sperm cells, thus ensuring a strong and healthy delivery of genetic material. Not many people know that a deficiency of zinc in the daily diet can lower fertility in males since the body tends to generate less sperm and sperm cells are no longer strong enough to make the full trip.

The best source of zinc in your diet are oysters. However, oysters feed at the bottom of the seas, which are more and more polluted with heavy metals and chemicals. Other good sources of zinc are animal proteins, such as pork, beef and poultry. Meat is actually the best way of getting your daily dose of zinc, since the body absorbs it far easier from this source. Moreover, other substances found in cereals and whole grain breads are known to decrease the absorption of zinc.

Other good sources of zinc are beans, nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. You should try to accommodate these foods in your diet as often as possible. However, you should be aware that too much zinc is not good for your body, since it tends to decrease the absorption of other crucial metals, such as iron and copper.

But the best and safest way of insuring increased sperm production and bigger loads during sex is the revolutionary VolumePills. Why spend your time worrying about the quantity and quality of your sperm when you could simply take the marvelous VolumePills and have more sex instead. Still, these pills will not only help you produce more semen, but will also provide you with rock hard erections and prolonged orgasms. Make your partner come back for seconds with VolumePills.