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Sperm Affected By Age Of Men

Sperm Affected By Age Of Men

Problems with fertility have always been associated with women, particularly women of a certain age. But contrary to popular belief that men are fertile more or less throughout their entire lives, research has shown that age can also affect a man’s ability to be fertile.

Sperm Affected By Age Of MenA scientific study carried out at Soroka University in Israel examined the semen quality and quantity of men of varying ages to compare the differences. The frequency of sexual activity (how often the men had sex) was also compared and it was found that that also had an impact of the quality of semen. Abstaining from sex completely also had a marked impact on the quality and quantity of sperm, while some believed the less sex you had the more fertile you would become, the lesser the frequency of sex the poorer the sperm motility (movement of sperm).

Results of the study conducted showed that the quantity of sperm was at its greatest in men in their early to mid-thirties. Sperm quantity was at its lowest in a man of 55 and over. Sperm motility was said to be at its best in young adults fewer than 25 and at it’s lowest in men over the age of 55 with a 54% decrease in sperm motility. In this case, it did not matter how often the men had sex, men over the age of 55 have a definite lack of quality, quantity and poor sperm motility.

Age is also found to affect the genetics of male sperm. A study carried out at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and the University of California showed that the likelihood of defects in sperm is doubled the older a man gets. This can cause lesser fertility, birth defects and making it more possible for miscarriage. Men fathering children later in life are more likely to pass on genetic problems to their children.

Sperm Quantity

Another additional study conducted in Israel at the Assuta Medical Center in Rishon LeZion showed that IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) a treatment where egg cells can be fertilised by sperm outside the body, was more successful in men under 40. This suggests that over the age of 40, the quality of sperm is particularly poor and therefore IVF treatment has a higher chance of failure even if donor eggs are used. The age of the woman made no significant difference.

This goes to show that just like women have a biological clock so do men and that age certainly does affect the quality, quantity and motility of sperm as well as the chances of fathering a child.

How Long Can Sperm Survive

How Long Can Sperm Survive

Sperm is produced by the testicles, or testis which is one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa (sperm) and emit androgens (male sex hormones). It takes the testicles 90 days to produce fresh sperm and they are stored in an organ called the epididymis until they are mature and develop the ability to swim. It is unclear how long sperm can survive for when inside the epididymis although it appears that the health of sperm is at its optimum best when ejaculations occur every two to three days.

How Long Can Sperm SurviveIn a female, if sperm is ejaculated directly into the vagina, it can fertilise an egg for up to five days. The woman’s cervical mucus and the hormones in the mucus can help the sperm to survive. Sperm, in the vagina, will only survive about six hours due to the very acidic nature of the vaginal secretions. The cervical mucus that is existing when ovulation is near is much more alkaline and more welcoming to sperm. The egg white consistency of the cervical mucus helps the sperm move more easily through the vagina to the cervix, increasing the chance that the sperm will be in the correct location for fertilization to occur.

In women who are less sexually receptive, the sperm will survive much lesser durations. In many cases, the sperm will live less than three days. Some research has shown that some sperm is capable of surviving in the Fallopian tubes up to 7 days, but overall the average amount of time being 3 to 4 days.

Sperm’s Motility

In sperm that is stored in a sterile condition for example a container when stored at a fertility clinic it can survive for up to four hours. Some semen samples are kept in liquid nitrogen at -196 Celsius, the sperm that survives and can be kept alive for over 50 years. Sperm exposed to air lose their ability to swim, if sperm is kept moist it can survive, once semen begins to dry it dies.

Some women who not want to become pregnant will use a spermicide, usually in the form of a foam or a gel. It is not a commonly used method these days. This not only blocks the sperm’s access to the cervix from the vagina it prevents the sperm’s motility (movement) and the chemicals in the spermicide drastically effects the life of the sperm cell. Studies show that woman still has a 15% chance of becoming pregnant using this method.

The sperm’s survival rate can be determined by the female’s ability to nourish sperm in the cervix as well as the man’s age, volume, quality, quantity and motility of sperm after ejaculation.

Increase Sperm Count

Increase Sperm Count

Most men are concerned and asked that how much load we release during sex. Volume is not main cause of low sperm count. It"s the way climax happens that matters more. The greater the volume and the more powerful the climax is the better.6-Increase Sperm Count

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While these pills are proven to be safe and effective, so no side effects. There are also other steps men can take in order to improve their sexual health, stamina and sperm volume.

Male Sperm Count

Today, infertility is one of the main causes of low sperm count. Many couples face this problem. Having low sperm count is the reason that the sperm does not to reach the ovary and impregnate the woman. Poor ejaculation is one of the reasons of infertility. This is why it is important for guys with poor ejaculation performance to take more sperm pills, and in the process Increase Sperm Volume allowing a smooth sailing ejaculation.

Our experts deduced that, not many men have experienced multiple orgasms, since it is hard for a man to ejaculate two or three times in a row. However, with the tremendous boost given by the more sperm Pills ingredients, you will have enough sperm to ejaculate not just once, but two or three times.

Increasing the male sperm count can lead to more benefits in sexuality, enjoyment and satisfaction to you and your partner. It shows the abundant health and well-being of a man to be able to shoot a large load of sperm.

Now we give you some tips to improve your sperm count such as – Drink more water, Take Vitamins, Exercise is the better way to increase your sperm count, Eat properly, avoid alcohol, Stop smoking, Keep Cool, Sleep Properly and last but not least Take more sperm pills which is very essential to your sex health. All the above will help with your sex-life, But what will really get you on track to bigger, more powerful orgasms quicker is combining all these tips with sperm count increasing with more sperm pills.

By using these substances to supplement your body"s own systems, you are practically guaranteed bigger sperm loads every time and bigger sperm loads mean up to three times longer orgasms.

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The Benefits of a Sperm Count Test

Sperm Amount

Sperm Amount

When talking about infertility, many people around the world still think it"s a “woman"s problem." Over the past couple of years it is always women who have been the focus of discussion around infertility. But, what many people don"t know is the fact that over half the cases of infertility are caused by men. How can a man suffer infertility? Well, it can be caused by many things. In this case, it"s related to sperm count. But, first things first: what is infertility?

Infertility is the inability to conceive after at least one year of unprotected intercourse. Since most people are able to conceive within this time, physicians recommend that couples unable to do so be assessed for fertility problems. In men, hormone disorders, illness, reproductive anatomy trauma, and low sperm count can be the cause of infertility.

So, if you are having trouble conceiving, then a sperm count test is likely to be on top of your list. Yes. I understand it can be embarrassing to you. But the sooner you discover about your fertility, the sooner you can start treatment and having successful pregnancy with your wife. A little visit to a urologist should start the evaluation with a basic interview and examination. Many urologist have different approach to this case, and besides sperm count test, there are some other tests they will do to you in order to determine your exact condition. Here is the list:

Sperm count test.Basically, a sperm count test measures the amount of sperm in one unit volume of semen. Normally, there are 20 million to 150 million of sperm in one unit of semen. A urologist will try to estimate the amount of your sperm count, examine the shape of your sperm, how they move, their pH balance, and many other things. Generally, higher number of  your sperm count means the higher of your chance to become fertile.

Anti-sperm Antibodies.Antibodies are some proteins that are found in blood or other bodily fluids, and are used by the immune system to identify and neutralize some foreign objects, such as bacteria and viruses. So, they are like “soldiers"  that protect the territory of our body from invaders. However, some men have an abnormal antibodies. Instead of guarding the territory, these ‘soldiers" are attacking their own friends, including sperm. These antibodies blocking the sperm on the way to the egg, preventing fertilization. In this case, making the sperm is not the problem, but how to get them to go where they need to go is the problem.

Hormone evaluation.Testosterone, just like many other hormones, are made in the brain. It controls sexual functioning in your body. This includes enhanced libido, increased energy, and the production of red blood cells, which is also important to your fertility.

Physical examination.Physical examination is a process to investigates your body for signs of disease. This includes taking medical history. A complete physical examination also includes the evaluation of your general appearance and specific organ systems, such as sex organs.

So, those are some of the tests you have to know and there are others. You should learn more about them in order to help you detect the cause of your infertility. But don"t be discourages, there is also a simple way you can do to increase your fertility.

Sperm Amount

Sperm Amount