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Perineum Area

The 2nd Male G-Spot

Depending on the size of your penis, about 1/3 to 1/2 of it actually lies inside your body (see the diagram below).

The internal portion of your penis can be externally massaged and responds to manual stimulation at a spot directly behind the base of your scrotum called the perineum area.

Perineum Area

The male"s perineum area is often referred to as the 2nd male G-spot. The skin just below the underside tip of the penis called the frenulum is the male"s 1st G-spot.

Many men have yet to realize that their perineum area is such a sensitive area on their body.

Hit Your G-Spot For Distance

Once I became aware of the power of my perineum area, I apply a little pressure by massaging the area directly behind the base of my scrotum (to externally massage the internal portion of my penis) a few seconds before I finish stimulating my penis to ejaculate… and I can usually shoot the first 2 streams several feet each time.

You can use anything to massage your perineum: your finger, her finger, a dildo, a sex toy etc. Let your partner use her finger to apply pressure and massage your perineum area during her next oral sex adventure on you. It feels GREAT.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements

As I did my research, reading newsgroup & forum posts from men that did have success increasing their volume… I kept coming across a few supplements (pills) men were talking about.

Dietary Supplements

If you"ve already done some basic research in the area of producing more volume, then the supplements Zinc, Lecithin, Arginine and Maca may sound familiar to you. The good news is, those supplements, in the right combination and dosages, do work a bit. The bad news is, it"s hard to know exactly how much and what type of each of those supplements to take in order to achieve the desired effect of more volume.

A New Supplement

In addition to the supplements listed above, I recently found a NEW supplement called ROPEX that worked even better for me.

I Am NOT You …

Let me preempt this section by emphasizing that every man is different. You"ll need to find out what works best for you.

Loading up on your supplement of choice for several days (with NO sex or masturbation) is suggested before you will notice any change in your ejaculate volume. So don"t expect immediate results the first day you start in on a supplement.

As you"ll read later in the General Health section, if you try a supplement but continue to smoke & drink heavily, consume a diet rich in ALL the wrong foods, you"re too tired, you cum 30 seconds after you start, then you may not notice a difference in your ejaculate volume as quickly as those who practice better health and drink enough water every day!


The supplement ROPEX contains a unique blend of pharmaceutical-grade botanical seed extract designed to increase men"s sexual vitality.

– 10 –

Click here to learn more about ROPEX

A Few Key Benefits of ROPEX

Increased volume of released ejaculate

More intense ejaculatory contractions

Faster recovery for second orgasms

Improved semen quality

Improved prostate health

Key Point

As you"ll recall from the Male Anatomy 101 page in this guide, I presented my findings on the important role the prostate plays in your “volume" development. The ROPEX website explains that the supplement helps to maintain a healthy prostate:

From the ROPEX site:

“In addition to the marked sexual benefits of ROPEX, numerous studies have shown it to help promote a healthy prostate."

Loading Phase

The ROPEX bottle suggests a Loading Phase of 4 tabs twice per day for three days, and then a Maintenance Phase of 3 to 6 tabs per day thereafter.

I personally didn"t notice much of a change in my ‘semen volume‘ after using it for the first three days so I kept up with the loading phase and took 4 tablets twice a day for three more days until I realized a change in my ejaculate volume.

– 11 –

The ROPEX website suggests “…results should normally be noticed within a 7 – 10 day period“, so I would definitely suggest a longer loading phase with ROPEX for better results.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Dietary Supplements

When I bought ROPEX, the website was offering a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free" special (3 bottles for the price of just 2) which gave me an ample supply to load up on during my longer loading phase when I started. Hopefully by the time you read this the “Buy 2 Get 1 Free" special will still be offered.

No Sex or Masturbation For A Few Days

Do NOT have sex or masturbate for 5 or 6 days when you get started taking a new supplement. You need to give your body a chance to load up on the new nutrients you are taking in.

Also, even after the first 5 or 6 days go by and you finally get to relieve yourself…

don"t go back to ejaculating every day (like you may have always done in the past) and waste everything you"ve been building up. Limit your ejaculation frequency to every 2 or 3 days at a minimum and continue taking your supplements. Doing so should keep you on top of your game on an ongoing basis.

Ejaculating every day will most likely take you back to where you began. Even supplements need a few days between performances to work their magic and refill your ammo.


Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional health care provider before changing any medication.

Extended Sexual Stimulation

Extended Sexual Stimulation

Another technique to add to your cumshot arsenal is to extend the amount of sexual excitement for a longer period of time.

Make It Last Longer

During sex with a partner, remain sexually excited and go for penile stimulation for at least 30 minutes (through foreplay, oral sex, or change positions during intercourse for a brief rest) before ejaculating.

Extended Sexual StimulationDuring masturbation, get to the point right BEFORE you feel yourself ready to ejaculate and STOP all stimulation and remove your hand or withdraw from your sex toy.

Allow yourself to recover for just a bit, stop sex or masturbating for a minute or so, then continue your stimulation.

Repeat this “stop-and-go" technique for as long as you possibly can (the longer the better, try to work up to 30 minutes or more).

Eventually you will come to the point where ejaculation is impossible to delay any longer… and will feel pretty intense when you finally get to relieve yourself.

Sex In The Cinema

If you are a member of any XXX websites or own DVD"s that offer “Behind-The-Scenes" BONUS footage of adult movies being made, then maybe you"ve seen the adult directors talking about how long it actually takes to shoot just one scene… or maybe you"ve seen in the “Behind-The-Scenes" footage the actors taking a break from the action while the director sets up the next shot… or you see the short pauses while the lights and cameras move around.

– 8 –

Most scenes that last 15 minutes in the movie can take an hour or more to film…

and during that time, the male actor must keep himself hard (by manually stroking his penis, or with the aid of a fluffer) so that he"s erect and ready when filming begins after every break. It"s hard work that can last hours while filming stops and starts again.

SO… It"s no wonder porn stars have such massive loads. Their prostate has been building up loads of semen for hours before the stud can release himself on film.

I can definitely say that this Extended Sexual Stimulation tip has had one of the greatest impacts on my “Volume“… so take this seriously!

If you are having problems producing more volume after reading the 9 tips in this guide, try The Penis Sucker device below. You can masturbate with it for hours to work up to a huge cum that will almost knock you off your feet by the time you ejaculate.

[sex toy instructions]

The Penis Sucker ‘ will be my next adult guide I"ll release (early 2006) which will show you how to build a home-made device you can insert your penis into and masturbate with.

The Penis Sucker is the ultimate in home-made male masturbation at a fraction of the cost commercial sex toys sell for. For just a few bucks in simple materials, I"ll show you how to construct the device in the privacy of your own home and use it as:

  1. a tight little hole for simulated back-door lovin"
  1. a smooth, snug vagina that"s ready anytime
  1. a great blow job machine with a stroking action, you control, that pumps up and down your penis.

When you use ‘The Penis Sucker ‘ to practice lasting longer during sex by extending your masturbation practice, you can stimulate your Prostate into producing more cum volume through the “stop-and-go" technique explained above (on page 8).

Ejaculation Frequency

Ejaculation Frequency

The longer you wait until the next time you have an orgasm, the more forceful and ample your ejaculation should be.

Your volume will be much less if you ejaculate every day. Limiting yourself to waiting 2 to 3 days between ejaculations may result in more noticeable volume.

Many young men (post-pubescent) report ejaculating at least 1 time each day. However, by the time most men reach their 40"s, that rate typically declines to 2 to 3 times a week.

A Newsweek article (September 16, 1996, p. 73) reported data on “average" frequency of orgasm per year by age.

Age Frequency

20        104 orgasms per year

30        121 orgasms per year

40        84 orgasms per year

50        52 orgasms per year

60        35 orgasms per year

70        22 orgasms per year

This data seems a bit on the low side according to my findings listed above…

BUT the point is, if you want a bigger cumshot, try to refrain from ejaculation for several days.

Age-Big cause (10 causes)

As women age, their sexual problems tend to decrease, but as men age, their problems tend to increase…

One of the most common causes of a decrease in sex drive is simply aging. Because after young age your desire of sex can be decreased. Many men, however, suffer from a low sex drive, which can greatly impair the quality of any romantic relationship.

Age-Big cause (10 causes)There are a variety of things that can affect a man’s sex drive. Now there are some causes which affects to male sexual health-

  • Pain caused by the onset of arthritis, muscle soreness, or other sources can decrease a man’s desire.
  • Sexual behavior is also a factor. The longer the period since last ejaculating, the quicker young men typically reach orgasm. Younger men tend to ejaculate more quickly than older men.
  • Fatigue or tiredness can impair sexual desire. Fatigue can be triggered by any number of factors including: physical exertion, medication, or psychological problems (like stress and depression).
  • Men who undergo surgery may refrain from sexual intimacy because of a fear of pain or impotence.
  • The use of alcohol and drugs (legal and illegal) can adversely affect a man’s sex drive. Alcohol can cause erection problems.
  • Emotional or mental strain in any area of your life can play a role in premature ejaculation, often limiting your ability to relax and focus during sexual encounters.
  • Sex headache is head pain that often starts during sex, orgasm, or masturbation. For some they are short in duration, while for others the pain can hang around for over an hour.
  • A decrease in testosterone production often occurs in men as they age. One of the symptoms of this decrease in the body’s testosterone levels is a decline sex drive
  • Men who abstain from sex, thinking it will boost their ejaculation and help them conceive, so these are big mistake.
  • Man who smokes had significantly less seminal fluid, and a lower sperm count. So their sperm were swim too fast too early and they burn, before them reaching the egg.

Now we suggest you the best treatment for your problem-

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Azoospermia – Man’s Fertility

Azoospermia – Man’s Fertility

Azoospermia is what is known as the medical condition of not having any sufficient measurable level of sperm in his semen. It is connected with very low fertility levels and is thought to mean there is no chance the man suffering from Azoospermia could ever conceive a child, as if there is no sperm how can conception happen? But this is not always the case. Absence of sperm in the ejaculate does not necessarily rule out the odds that some sperm is being produced and that it is just not being delivered to the semen or only extremely tiny amount of sperm are being produced.

Azoospermia – Man’s FertilityWhatever the cause, the thought of never being able to father a child is devastating.

The Azoospermia condition has two forms:

Obstructive Azoospermia, where sperm are produced but is unable to be mixed with the rest of the ejaculatory fluid due to a physical obstruction and Non-obstructive Azoospermia, where there is a problem with spermatogenesis, (the process of sperm cell development) as in the condition of hyperploactinemia (abnormally high levels of prolactin in the blood).

Even if you have as many as 500,000 sperm per ml of semen in a semen sample, it is slim to none that you will be able to naturally father a child with this number of sperm so it is likely that the medical diagnosis will be that you are suffering from Azoospermia.

Tests will need to be conducted to confirm whether you do indeed have Azoospermia or some other problem, you may need to undergo a physical examination, where the scrotum, ductal structures and testicles are felt, to check for a diminished size (testicles) the presence of dilated veins (vaicocele) or the absence of the ductal systems. Hormonal evaluation and a transrectal ultrasound, urinanalysis and as a last resort; a testicular biopsy are sometimes required. These varieties of tests will tell you once and for all whether you are suffering from Azoospermia.

If you are diagnosed with Azoospermia, you need to determine from your doctor the exact cause, whether you have a very low sperm count so that you know you will at least make some sperm or no sperm whatsoever which of course is the last thing most men want to hear, but you need to be properly informed so that you can be made aware of any treatment options available.

Man’s Fertility

Azoospermia is relatively unusual with only 2% of men suffering from the condition, however there are vast amounts of infertile men in the UK and it is calculated that at least 300,000 men are unbeknownst to them are suffering from Azoospermia. It is no indication on your general health, even the healthiest men suffer from Azoospermia.

Most men facing a semen analysis await the diagnosis of Azoospermia with trepidation. However, if that diagnosis is confirmed it does not automatically mean that the man produces no sperm or can never be made to generate any sperm and as a result, will never have a biological child. A precise diagnosis of Azoospermia is complicated and can be a process of elimination which can be lengthy. However, many of the causes can be rectified. Even then if there are no sperm in the ejaculate, sperm can often be harvested and used to achieve fertilization. So whatever the outcome, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Azoospermia sufferers. 

Varicocele Repair

Varicocele Repair

Varicocele repair for fertility should be considered generally when the following conditions are met:

Varicocele RepairWhen the varicocele can be felt during a physical examination.

  • When the male partner has abnormal semen quality or abnormal sperm function test results.
  • When the couple has known infertility and the female is either fertile or can be treated for her infertility.
  • (Young men not in partnerships but who may want to have children later on may also be candidates if they meet the other two qualifications.)

Although many urologists favor varicocele repair, evidence is mixed on whether surgery improves the chances of a successful pregnancy. In a review of 12 studies, pregnancy rates after a year were 33% in couples in which the men were treated compared to 16% in untreated couples. Of two well-designed studies, however, one showed no higher pregnancy rate while the other reported significant improvement. Some studies report that repair may improve the success rate of assisted reproductive technologies, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI). Still, the overall benefits remain uncertain, and additional rigorous trials are needed. The procedure does not appear to be at all beneficial for improving fertility in men whose varicoceles are very small.

Repair of a Varicocele

Varicocelectomy- Repair of a varicocele (varicocelectomy) in men with infertility problems is a common surgical practice. The procedure involves tying off the swollen and twisted veins. Recovery takes six days and most men cannot resume full activity for about three weeks. This technique eliminated 90% of varicoceles.

Recent techniques use laparoscopy, which employs tiny incisions (less than an inch). This approach allows for quicker recovery, although the procedure itself takes longer. It also has a higher rate of complications than the standard approach.

Varicocele Embolization– A nonsurgical technique called varicocele embolization may eventually prove to be an effective and less painful treatment for varicoceles. It involves inserting a narrow tube (catheter) through a small incision in the neck or leg. Tiny steel plugs are passed through the catheter to block off the affected veins. It takes 15 to 45 minutes under local anesthetic. This is not yet widely available and it may not be appropriate in some men.



Vasovasostomy– For men who wish to conceive after vasectomy, reversal surgery (vasovasostomy) may restore fertility. In vasovasostomy the severed ends of the vas deferens (which were cut during vasectomy) are reconnected to reestablish the flow of sperm. The reversal procedure is difficult; it involves sewing together the two ends of both tubes, each with pinhead-sized openings.

VasectomiesPregnancy Rates after Vasovasostomy. Pregnancy rates of over 50% have been reported after a vasovasostomy. One study reported that when successful conception occurs, it does at an average of one year after the surgery.

A successful reversal is more likely if the following conditions are present:

  • The section removed during vasectomy was not long.
  • The original procedure was performed on straight sections of the vas deferens.
  • The pieces joined during the vasovasostomy are of equal size.

The closer in time the vasovasostomy is to the original vasectomy the better. In one large study, the pregnancy rates were 76% for those who had vasectomy less than three years before reversal surgery, decreasing to 30% for those who had vasectomy more than 15 years prior. The lower rates as time goes by are probably due to increasing chance for obstruction of the epididymis and the development of anti-sperm antibodies.


Reversal versus ART. Even though newer techniques such as ICSI are improving pregnancy rates after vasectomy, vasovasostomy is still a better choice than assisted reproductive technologies for most men who one children. In one study, the pregnancy rate for vasovasostomy was 52%, whereas success after ICSI was between 25% and 30%. In addition, a vasovasostomy does not pose a risk for multiple births and is much less expensive than ART. A 2000 study concluded that vasovasostomy was even a more cost-effective way to achieve fertility in men with partners above 37 years of age. Even for men who have failed vasovasostomy, a repeat procedure appears to be less expensive than embarking on fertility treatments at that time.

ART may, however, be a better approach than reversal for men with evidence of anti-sperm autoantibodies due to vasectomy. It may also be recommended in those whose vasectomy was conducted more than 15 years before, because the time elapsed since the original vasectomy may affect the success of retrieving sperm. In one study, pregnancy rates were highest in men who underwent sperm retrieval and ART within 10 years of their vasectomy (34%), intermediate in those who had undergone vasectomy 11 to 19 years earlier (25%) and lowest in men who had had a vasectomy at least 20 years earlier (8%). The age of men and women in the last group was higher than that in the 10-year or less group, so lower pregnancy rates would be expected, although time elapsed after vasectomy appeared to have an effect independent of age.

Some Of Our Satisfied Customers

Some Of Our Satisfied Customers

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