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Causes Of Infertility In Men

It is very important to keep your sperm healthy if you do plan at some point in the future to have children. Over 50 million sperm is released during one ejaculation in a healthy male with no problems, but it only takes one or two of the sperm to reach a mature egg and fertilise it. If none of your sperm is healthy then the chances of your partner being able to conceive is very slim.

It is however, well worth remembering that it can take time for a woman to become pregnant but if your sperm is healthy and your wellbeing is good, the odds are in your favour. Studies and research carried out around the world shows that male sperm counts are steadily declining; a 1% decline has been reported. The reasons for these declines are not unusual, some are quite simple and if you have experienced problems with fertility there are things you can do to ensure that you sperm stay as healthy as possible so you can remain as fertile as possible.

Common Causes Of Infertility In Men:

  • Very tight underwear and trousers. It is important to keep the scrotal area cool; it should ideally be 4 degrees lower than the rest of the body. Resting laptops on laps is not advised as laptops get very hot.
  • Climate, seasons and temperature all seem to have an effect on male fertility. Research proves that men in New York typically had a higher sperm count than those in Los Angeles and men in Finland had a higher sperm count than those in Britain.
  • Drugs and medications can affect fertility. Particularly steroids, opiates and cytotoxic drugs which are commonly used in cancer treatments. If you are having difficulty trying for a family it might be worth discussing with the doctor about the medications you are to see whether they could be to blame. If any drug has a side effect that indirectly could cause male infertility you should be informed.
  • Too much alcohol is guaranteed to effect sperm count if you are a very heavy drinker. Limit your alcohol intake if you want to become more fertile.
  • Toxins in the environment. There is a lot of debate about what substances all around us can cause male infertility, it is well documented that radiation causes birth defects and damage to an unborn child. Other substances that may affect sperm are certain pesticides, organic mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, estrogen ending up in the water supply from birth control pills or patches that are perhaps flushed down the toilet and perfumes or aftershaves containing phthalates. This has still not been confirmed and is still under scrutiny.

A way in which you can ensure you are more fertile is to take a Folic acid supplement, this is not only natural but also has a drastic effect on sperm counts with as much as a 74% increase.