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Charlene and the Chocolate Factory

Q: Woody, My girlfriend used to let me play with her ass during sex, and would just go wild. She’d let me do anything I wanted to it, licking and dicking, or sucking and fucking, whatever, “butt now,” suddenly, it’s totally off limits, a no fly zone, if you know what I mean. I just love that girl’s ass. I need help, Bro, and I need it now!

Charlene and the Chocolate FactorySigned: “Left Behind!"

A: Dear Lefty,

I hear ya buddy. Sounds to me like you really need to make a serious effort to open up a dialog with your girl; cause there is definitely something that she’s not telling you. Ask her, in a calm, polite, concerned, respectful way, that doesn’t show anger or frustration, but rather a sincere desire to hear what she is feeling, fearing or perhaps going through. Ask her to share with you, so that you might better understand where she is coming from.

Dude, for her to suddenly go from “loving the gloving,” to closing down the back-door to all entry and deliveries, something serious had to have taken place down there, and you need to get to the “Bottom” of it. When you’re in the dark, you sometimes lose out on certain liberties and privileges that you have CUM to take for granted, so see if any of these scenarios ring a bell.

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Sometimes “anal sex” can just plain hurt, if the sphincter and surrounding muscles were not sufficiently warmed up before the event. Even Woody has gotten overly excited with a hot little pony bent over the back seat of my car and I’m pounding away, and then Willie slips out, and when I go to shove him back in, I accidentally enter the back door, purely by mistake, and she suddenly jumps through the roof and lays every cuss word she knows on me as she wreaths in agony. It can really hurt the poor girl.

Or, sometimes when you’re tonguing a babe, and you take a quick taste or two, down at the Chocolate Factory, if you bring that tongue back up to her pussy, you can easily give her an infection that will piss her off and cut your access to the back-yard, clear off for good. Women have a whole lot of biology going on down there, so they can get infections of the cootch, pretty damn easy. Remember, as beautiful as that ass is, there’s “Gold in them thar hills” and those bard carry various bacteria and germs, etc. After all, it is Poop!

If you have a big dick, over time, with aggressive pumping, you can wear down and tire out, and eventually loosen up those muscles in there, leading to her inadvertently shitting herself in public or at work. That rarely goes over well in her mind, and so your little excursions to the “Outback” will often be the first to go. You gotta ask questions and find out what exactly what happened, Never ASS-ume!

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