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Chuckles The Cuckold

Chuckles isn’t his real name, but some times you have to agree to change a name to get the story. Chuck is a 38 year old white man, about 5’11”, 175 pounds. He’s not a bad looking guy, which surprised me, because over the phone sounded so very weak, nerdy and pathetic. Diana, which actually IS her real name, because frankly she doesn’t give a flying “F” who knows her personal business, is a 5’ 6” 37 year old Caucasian brunette with a slender figure, slightly flat ass and medium to small tits. She’s cute!

Chuckles The CuckoldThey’ve been married 14 years, have 3 kids, and chuck is a “Cuc,” which means he likes to allow his wife to fuck other men, as long as he gets to watch or hear about it later, in intimate and intricate detail, while he wanks off to his wife’s detailed renditions.

This was a very interesting interview because I was actually asked to come talk with the couple, while they were carrying on a session with 2 other men who I will simply call Bob and Tom. So here I am with tape recorder and pad and pen, taking notes, while Chuck is telling me how much he loves his wife, more than anything, and what a great mom she is, but how totally turned on he gets watching and “assisting” her being used and man-handled, as a slutty little whore by other guys.

While he is explaining this all to me, in an increasingly excited, out of breath tone of voice, he is calmly pulling his wife’s panties aside so that Tom can plunge his dick deeply into his wife’s wet and throbbing vagina. Diana doesn’t have a lot to say at this point, mostly because she has about 7 inches of Bob in her mouth, who is standing to her left, on the bed. Chuck reaches over and gently pulls her right breast out of her lacy black bra, and looks to me asking, “ There, doesn’t that look a bit sexier!” I smile and say nada.

Meanwhile, Tom seems to be having a good time and with a tremendous grunt and tremble, blows his full load into Diana’s red, undulating pussy. “Just a moment” Chuck says to me, as he buries his head between his wife’s legs and sucks like a vacuum to lick her clean. Seems Bob now has a raging orgasm in Diana’s mouth and up pops ever reliable Chuck, to carry his mouth full of Tom’s spooge to his wife’s waiting mouth, as she begins to French kisses Chuck for about 2 full minutes, rolling tongues and mixing the two men’s semen together into a cuckold’s “cum-cock-tion! ” Then Diana lays Chuck back on the bed, and as he violently beats off, his wife dribbles the two men’s semen into her husbands open mouth, as he slowly rolls it around in his pie whole before cumming himself, and then joyfully swallowing.

How To Make Her Cum

At this point, I inform them that I need a little break, but that I will be back in about 20 minutes, if that’s o.k. with them. They say they will wait for me before the next action begins. I say “Cool,” and get in the car and take off, I’ve seen well more than enough; I’m done for the day. “I’m outta there!”

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