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Communication, Communication, Communication

People often ask me what’s the most important thing that leads to absolutely, outrageously GREAT SEX! Truthfully there are a few different answers tied for first place, but one that definitely is of the utmost importance is Communication! If you want more fun and enjoyment in your intercourse then you can use Volume Pills. It will help you increase more semen.

You see, the ability to effectively express exactly what it is that you want, or need, in complete and precise detail, greatly affects the chances of you ever receiving what it is that you truly desire.

Communication, Communication, CommunicationLikewise, your ability to really truly open your ears, mind and attitude, and truly tune in and pay close and exacting attention, listening deliberately and conclusively to what your partner conveys to you, will determine just how great of a lover you are considered to be, and whether or not you will get that coveted opportunity for a second, third, and forth performance, so listen up and pay attention.

So many people these days are all about themselves and their own, ego-centric self gratification, so it is a rare thing when a person truly cares enough to pay close attention to the signals and comments made during love play. You can not only score some major “Brownie Points” by lending an ear as well as your genitals to the situation, but you will end up actually having much more satisfying and electrical sexual experiences, that will make your lover think that you are one of the great Sexual Masters that have been told about in the ancient mythological stories of old!

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It really doesn’t take any special training, education, or pre-requisite acumen to do this; it really is far more of a determined change in attitude and intent, which thereby, naturally influences the over-all outcome of the performance. Listening makes you a much better lover and learning to express what you want, clearly and with a positive and respectful attitude, makes others want to love you better.

Sex is a living, changing, evolving process. Two people, having sex 3 nights in a row, may find that the first night is erotically hot and passionately furious, the second night is sexy, slow and seductive, and the third night might be playful, and silly, almost game-like.

Women especially change their feeling and mood at a drop of a hat, and you can be going down on her and she will want it slow and light, broad and steady. Then the next time she could need it fast, direct, intense and highly focused, you just never know what mood or feeling a lover is experiencing, unless you care enough to find out, by asking and listening. Listening not just to specific answers to questions in a verbal manner, but rather, listening to sounds, moans, sighs, whimpers, cries, etc.

Great Sex relies on excellent “CUM-munication! So open your eyes and ears and get a good feeling for what your lover is feeling. You’ll both be glad you did!

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