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Conditions Affecting Semen Volume Normal

If all things are held constant, a man should be able to produce about 2 to 5 mL of semen per ejaculation. A semen volume of below 1.5 mL can be considered hypospermia and more than 5 mL, hyperspermia. This can be determined by having a semen analysis to confirm your condition. However, a single instance of the above test values is not conclusive as three readings are needed to really establish your problem of infertility. Low volume of semen should be expected if you have experienced the following:

1) Hormonal imbalances. Although this can be quite rare, these are conditions that alter the function of the pituitary gland-which produce the hormones FSH and LH-as well as the testes. The FSH and LH are responsible for normal sperm count and the production of testosterone which in turn determines the semen volume. Many of the causes of hormonal imbalances are beyond the control of men such as a tumor to the pituitary gland but stress is considered a modifiable factor.

2) Malnutrition. Consumption of the right amount as well as kind of food as guided by the food pyramid is integral in the production of normal semen volume and sperm count. Men should ensure the intake of vitamins and minerals that regulate many of the bodily processes. Nutrients from vitamin C, folate, selenium, and zinc are especially important.

3) Injury to testes and surrounding organs. Any blow to the testes or surrounding areas can lead to alteration in the function of the reproductive organs and subsequent decrease in the volume of semen. Scarring is a number one culprit of infertility problems wherein the passage of sperm cells as well as the production of sperm and semen can be impeded.

4) Infection to the testes and surrounding organs. Like injuries, infection such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis can also cause scarring of the reproductive organs which can result to low semen volume and blockage of the passage of sperm. Infection can also be precluded by inflammation specifically that of the prostate, urethra, or epididymis, altering sperm motility.

If you have experienced the above conditions, it is important to seek medical consult right away to help reverse their effects as much as possible on your sperm count and semen volume.