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Dealing with Premature Ejaculation

Remember back to the early years of sex, when you could go all day long, cum 2 or 3 times each encounter, and never really even worried about Premature Ejaculation, because after all, that was the “GOAL,” not a “Problem!” It was all about cumming, as much, as often and as fast as possible, and if the lady didn’t get off during your first 2 laps, then you’d catch cumming round the corner of your 3rd, and if she misses the bus, tough shiest, cause it’s all about cumming, and it’s all about you!

Dealing with Premature EjaculationThen you get a little older and wiser, things slow down just a tiny bit and you also learn that if you are going to get invited back, you damned well better make sure the little lady gets off, before the bus reaches the end of the line. Balance is achieved. Everyone is happy with the outcome of the events, and life is just grand. Then one day it happens, you see her; you start to seriously nail her with your pulsating pole of penile power, and “Boom,” “Thar She Blows!” Hey, what the hell just happened, you normally go a good 15 minutes before “Happy Time” and that was barely three. Wassup wit dat?

Many men begin complaining about premature ejaculation sometime in their early to mid thirties, and some even sooner, but it is not an unalterable reality that you need to permanently deal with, nor is it necessarily a biological sign of getting too old to run with the “Big Dawgs” any longer. A premature ejaculator is a person who, on a regular basis, tends to ejaculate before he and his partner are fully satisfied with the situation. For many men, this is simply a sign that they have slowly over time, developed a lack of adequate voluntary control over the ejaculatory reflex, similar to young children who are first learning how to control their bladder and not pee their pants, these guys are merely not recognizing the pre-cursor sensations to ejaculation.

Make Her Cum

So what is the answer, simple retraining of the “HEADS!” That’s right, the heads, because what goes on inside a persons “HEAD” greatly affects what goes on in the “BED!” The mind is the biggest erogenous zone and sexual organ in both males and females, so the dude must learn to begin to sense when he is getting close to cumming, and then he must back off, slow down, or even physically stop the manipulation that is occurring to the penis, as well as control his thoughts, by thinking of other things that are not of a sexual nature, be it sports, work, taxes, mowing the lawn, washing the car, whatever!

Also learn to use the “stop and start” techniques during “practice sessions” of self or partner induced masturbation as well as whenever taking a pee. Just let the flow begin, then tighten up the muscles down there that make it stop. Begin again, and then stop, five times, every time you pee or cum by masturbation, and in no time you will have this little problem mastered and be plugging away with the “Big Dawgs” again, just like before. Just “start and stop,” 5 times whenever you pee or cum, and you will get those muscles down there back in shape and even notice your dick seems longer and stronger, Not Bad!

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