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Delaying Your Ejaculation, For Her Satisfaction

You don’t have to have a 9-inch dick or be able to break bricks by karate chopping them with your powerful erection, just to keep women wanting you back again and again. You don’t need to have the stamina, endurance and staying power to hump for hours, for her to feel like you are serving your, or should I say, her, purpose! Heck that will just make her sore as hell and frustrated! Not exactly the effect you were looking for!

Delaying Your Ejaculation, For Her SatisfactionWhat you do need to do is be considerate of her wants and needs and smart about how you deal with those issues. One of the most important ways to do this, is to learn to delay your own selfish tendencies to achieving your biggest orgasm as fast as you can get it to arrive. Instead, take the time to learn techniques to help slow things down just a bit, to help you to ensure that your partner is completely taken care of and well satisfied, before you blow your load and roll over to go to sleep!

Remember, if she’s pleased with her experience with you, she’ll be wanting you back for repeat encore performances, so it’s really in your own best interest to be an attentive and patient lover! This can be accomplished rather easily, by shifting your focus of attention and your thoughts, during the love making session. Keep in mind, that 80 to 85% of all sex happens inside the head, so it’s mostly all about what men are THINKING and what women are FEELING about what’s happening during the sexual act.

If you sense that you are starting to get a little bit overly excited, and might be on the verge of blowing your wad too soon, then begin thinking about other non sexual subjects, such as work, chores, tasks that need to be accomplished, taxes, finances, mowing the lawn, anything! Whatever takes your thoughts away from the overly erotic circumstances that currently have you so enticed, is well worth focusing on.

Play Safe

Also slow things down a bit, alter the rhythm of the love dance. One great trick is to engage in other “seemingly” sensual activities that give your penis and your mind a break. One technique that I find very effective, is calmly pull out of my woman and start to go down on her, licking her clitoris and fingering her with a couple of fingers to simulate a penetrating phallus. Try it! I promise you, she’ll literally be touched by what a conscientious lover you are, sacrificially willing to abandon your own personal pleasures to make sure that she gets off before you continue for your own orgasm.

She’ll also love the fact that you are willing to openly accept her into your mouth, all juicy, messy and “en flagrante!" Nothing works the wonders of making a woman so completely comfortable and confident, knowing that her man accepts her totally, even when she is not in a state of pristine perfection. Guess what, that comfortable confidence will only serve your purpose of giving her a much greater ability to completely relax and let go into the moment, making her orgasm and even more certain climactic conclusion.

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