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Easy Diet Changes to Increase Semen Volume and Give Super Strong Orgasms

Wouldn"t it make your life simple if you knew some easy diet changes that would increase your semen volume and give you orgasms like you"ve never experienced before? One of the most popular foods that increase sperm volume is celery. Unfortunately not everyone likes celery, so if you"re not happy with eating it in salads or dipping it in dips, you could try putting it in soups and stews. If this isn"t to your liking, you should try consuming oysters. They are known to be rich in zinc, or you could take Zinc Oxide to help increase sperm count and volume. This has been proven to work.

You should also look at your lifestyle and whether it is healthy or not. Are you eating plenty of healthy foods, including leafy green vegetables and good whole grain foods? Fast food, or too much fat in your diet is not healthy for you or your sperm. Your diet in general will be a factor in the health and volume of your semen. You should cut back caffeine as much as possible; caffeine is not good for you anyway.

You should also make sure you are getting regular exercise, this is great for overall health and blood circulation, including the genital and groin areas. Try to walk a few times a week, or jog for 20 minutes per day. It has great cardiovascular benefits, and that increased blood flow and circulation will be of great benefit.

If you are smoking or drinking too much alcohol, you are depleting your body of essential nutrients, so consider cutting back or quitting completely.

Some simple lifestyle changes however, can greatly aide in the production of semen, and the health of the sperm. This will help with motility as well, and is especially important for those trying to conceive.

If all this sounds like too much trouble, and you want an easy one step solution, you could try a daily herbal pill to fix the problem. Many men have had great success with herbal supplements to increase semen volume and their sperm count.