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Does Eating Celery Work For Increased Semen Volume and Penis Enlargement?

Modern medical reports state that extra celery can increase the semen volume, which can do a lot to one"s sex life. Ordinarily, this is one of the ancient and natural ways to stimulate sexual desire and increase sperm count. Actually celery contains andorsterone, which is known as an odor free hormone. The main function of this hormone is known to be sexuality inviting for women.

Celery is such type of food material that contains the sexual stimulation property. Though there is no exact estimation of the increasing volume of sperm count or semen, raw celery can elevate the sexual desire. It is said that eating extra celery may be beneficial for men to other special needs such as elevate the motility and sperm count, intense hanger for sex as well as controlling the premature ejaculation.

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In order to have a satisfied sex, you need to have a bigger penis so that your partner gets happiness during sex. Other benefits for having an enlarged penis size include the sexual desire, increased energy during sex, more exclusive and intense orgasms as well as longer sexual stamina. Overall, if you want to maintain your partner with a happy sexual life, you need increased semen volume and enlarged penis in both length and girth.

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