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Ejaculate Volume – Simple Ways to Ejaculate More Volume

If you want to ejaculate more volume of semen, you should try the following tips.

You might want to know that the peak of semen production, including sperm count and quality is at the age of around 35 for a healthy man. Afterwards, the rate of production starts to decline.

But don"t worry, you will stay fertile with the dropping semen and sperm until you are 80+ years old (Men are sexually active through out their lives).

If you are in doubt of your fertility, or you want to impress your partner, you can boost your semen volume naturally.

Follow these simple methods:

1. Drink more water

Semen is mainly water, plus sperm and trace amounts of nutrients our body needs. So drink plenty of water so that your body is always hydrated. Water is like the flour of semen.

2. Nutrient rich diet

Zinc is important in the production of male sex hormone, testosterone. Deficiency of zinc dramatically lowers the level of testosterone, and affect your sperm count and semen volume.

Red meats are great source of zinc and they can be digested easily for absorption.

Omega 3 is another nutrients you should take. It is one type of fat which is needed for producing hormones, including testosterone. The fat can be obtained through beans, nuts, olives and olive oil, so make sure you eat enough in your daily diet.

3. Use semen enhancer

While the above two are good enough to improve semen volume, you need to wait for a period of time to see the results. Semen enhancing pills are the best natural booster which give you fast results.

These pills come with herbal ingredients that are known to be safe, and very effective in improving the production of semen. The ingredients equip your body with the foundation to generate healthy sperm and semen.

Once you are ready with large amount of semen and sperm, you can impress both you and your partner with a super-charged climax. Since you have much larger amount to ejaculate, your ejaculatory muscles has to contract harder to push all of the cums. Both of you will love that feeling.

Your fertility is also improved because sperm survive on seminal fluid. With more semen is ejaculated to the uterus and cervix, your sperm has more strength to find the ovum, giving you more opportunity of conceiving a baby.

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