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Fake It Till You Make It

Guys often ask me, what’s the #1 way to increase your chances of getting laid more often. I always tell them that there really isn’t just a single #1 thing, but that it’s probably more of a 3 or 4 way tie for the top position, but one thing that definitely plays a major role in getting “Willie” waxed on a regular basis, is CONFIDENCE!

Women love it. It makes them take immediate notice and gain instantaneous interest in you. It all goes back to the ancient cave-man days, when all the women had to compete with one another to draw the interest and eventually commitment of the pack’s ultimate, Alpha Male!

Fake It Till You Make It“Aphie,” as we will call him, was the strong, powerful, leader of the tribe, and he got that position by competing with the rest of the males in the clan, by being the very bravest, strongest, and most aggressively confident and assertive male in the whole group.

This guy was the perfect catch. All the cave-ladies wanted to attract and hopefully draw him under her feminine wiles, because he would be the most successful candidate for making sure there is always enough food in the cave, and he would be able to successfully ward off enemy tribes, potential rapists, kidnappers, or ferocious beasts, both human and animal, keeping her and her little litter of kiddies safe and secure in the pre-historical environment that they lived in.

Well, genetically encoded priorities die hard, and thousands of years later, women are still looking for the most confident man in the surrounding environs, to conquer her loins and make her his queen. Even in modern day society, there is a lot to be said for the sense of safety and security. Babes trade their time, bodies and sex for it.

So there you have it. Women get HOT at the very sense of a guy who is confident and self-assured. O.k., Great, so how do you get that way in the first place?

Truthfully, you need to “fake it till you make it,” “deceive till you achieve,” “say it, till you display it!” Look, the only way that you’re ever going to get really comfortable and confident with chicks, is by spending a lot of time around them. Now the sad but true, “Catch 22” is that you will only get the chance to be around them a lot, if you come across as if you are already confident enough to deserve their time and attention.

Play Safe

So, just play it cool, act natural and casual. Don’t act as if it’s any big deal whether she gives you any attention or not. You need to come across as if you have so many babes to choose from, you couldn’t really care less what she thinks of you. Don’t be rude or arrogant; just be confidently sure of yourself. Then the magic starts. As she starts to believe your performance, amazingly enough, so will you. Suddenly you won’t be acting anymore, it will be for real. Hey congratulations stud. Now go get you some!

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