Volume Pills Reviews – Best Sperm Pills To Increase Ejaculation

How to Increase Ejaculate Volume – Feels Great and Impresses Your Lover

Guys like us want to know how to increase ejaculate volume for a number of reasons. Here are just a few.

* Feel like our ejaculations are weak
* Miss the force our ejaculations may have had when we were younger
* Feel that not much comes out when we ejaculate
* Want to make a good impression on our lovers
* Would like to enjoy greater pleasure with bigger orgasms

Whatever the reason, increasing ejaculate volume is something that is near and dear to us and something we"d like to experience and enjoy for ourselves.

So how do we go about increasing our ejaculate?

Well, since seminal fluid is mostly liquid it makes sense that drinking plenty of healthier fluids will go a long way in keeping us well hydrated and in turn able to release more semen. So make sure you"re drinking plenty of water and natural fruit juices. The latter will also help make your semen taste sweeter as an added bonus which your lover will certainly appreciate.

Make Celery Your Friend

Also, certain foods can greatly assist in our ability to enjoy bigger ejaculations. One such food is what some would consider plain old boring celery. But when you realize what this humble plant that is mostly water can do for increasing your semen, you"ll likely start making stalks of celery part of your regular diet.

Try eating a few stalks of fresh, clean celery every day. When possible, try eating some celery prior to when you expect to be ejaculating. Say thirty minutes to an hour before sex.

Doubly Impress Your Lover

If your lover asks why you"re chomping on celery before jumping in the sack just tell her your trying to eat better. She"ll be impressed by your aim to live a healthier lifestyle and then by your unleashing bigger ejaculations when you orgasm.

Now if you want to increase ejaculate volume like a super stud, then you"ll definitely want to check out Volume Pills semen volume enhancer. These bad boys will have you blowing monster loads pronto!