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Finding And Stimulating the Clitoris

The Clitoris is by far the most popular erogenous activation point located on a woman’s body. When the over-all intent and objective is to succeed in giving her a mind-blowing master orgasm, Ladies and Gentlemen, “The Clit Is It!” However, even in this sexually open society that we find ourselves living, at a time where information seems to be right at our finger tips, 24 hours a day, there still seems to be an amazingly large amount of confusion about the clitoris. Particularly, where the hell it really is, and what the heck to do with it once you have successfully found it.

Finding And Stimulating The ClitorisO.K., if we’ve learned anything from the purveyors of high priced real estate, the answer to half our troubles is always “Location, Location, Location,” so let’s set that straight right away and without delay! The clitoris is located directly at the top of the woman’s vaginal opening, just above the very distinctive apex created by the coming together of her outer labia. The outer labia are those floppy looking external lips, guarding the magical cavern of treasure that we like to call, the pussy.

The clit is usually hidden directly beneath the mounded flappy encasement called the “Clitoral Hood.” The clitoris is that small, usually pinkish colored knob of flesh, looking very much like a miniature penis. It is a very short and stubby, cylindrical “button” like appendage, which is why it is often called the “Cum Button.” So the clit is right there, hidden from view, directly under that fleshy hood-like covering, at the very center, top of the vaginal entrance. Got it! Great! Your life just got 100 times better!

Putting It All Together

Excellent, so far, so good! Now, in order to most effectively activate the clitoris in such a way as to ensure that she has an orgasm that she will remember for the rest of her life, it is of the utmost importance that you keep in mind that the clit is a very sensitive organ, with far more highly activated nerve endings than what we men are used to experiencing in our genitalia, so anything that might feel good to us – upon initial contact, you might want to tone down to about half intensity on her.

Start out extremely gently and often best, indirectly, by subtly manipulating the surrounding areas just adjacent to the clitoris, with light, delicate contacts with the fingertips, lips, or tongue. Gradually build up the level of extended sexual stimulation, to a firmer and more directly active massage or subtle vibration of the clit. Carefully watch and listen for her positive responses, which will include the opening of her legs to a wider, spread eagle position, deepening and quickening of her breath, glassiness or closing of the eyes, and look for the clit itself to turn a darker color of red and actually swell up, increase in size and increase sperm volume.

Every woman is totally different, and each time will be different as well, so just remember to work your way there gradually, and you will be here HERO, guaranteed!

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