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Finding and Working The Erogenous Zones

The “Erogenous Zones” are those very important, highly sensitive areas that can be stimulated in both the male and the female, to create sexual arousal and the passion for erotic activity. They are the all-important keys, to creating the perfect circumstances and bio-psychic energy in which to promote the establishment of a lust connection and the decision to follow through to performing the “Dirty Dance of Desire!” We suggest you that Volume Pills is the best choice to increase your semen volume and also increase the overall sexuality.

Finding And Working The Erogenous ZonesO.K., the very first thing that you need to get straight in your mind is the fact that the penis is NOT the largest, nor the most effective erogenous zone in the man, nor is the vagina the most sensitive and effective erogenous zone to stimulate the female. In both genders, the biggest and most in-depthly efficient erogenous zone, lies within the partners cranium. That’s right, sex is really a “Head Game” and the most powerful erogenous zone is in the mind!

How you get your potential partner to think and feel about you, sex, and the moment at hand, has 10 times more to do with whether or not you will be humping and pumping, so learn to set the stage well ahead of time by creating the image that your partner will desire and want to be with in a sexual way, as well as prepare the path for what it is that you are hoping to do with your lover. As I said, the way to get into your partners pants, is through their thoughts and feelings.

How To Make Her Cum

Women can be aroused my gentle and teasing massage in the general areas of the neck, ear, shoulder, lower back, butt, legs, thighs, feet, hands, really her whole body, if you know what you are doing, is an erogenous zone. Massage that progresses from light to eventual firmness and depth, from relaxed to progressively passionate, from indirect to direct, from innocent therapeutic to erotically seductive, is always the most effective route, along with gentle kisses and nibbles to the lips, ears, neck and shoulders, before heading for the Main attractions.

We all know that a woman’s breasts, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, vagina, mons pubis (the fleshy, soft, cushiony area located over the pubic bone) vagina, perineum (sensitive skin between her anus and vagina) clitoris, and anus are all highly sensitive areas, with lots of nerve endings, creating sexual arousal when stimulated. Remember to tease the woman, make contact, and then take it away. Make her continually work to close the open gaps that you create as you back off and take it away from her.

Knowing the anatomy is great, but understand that it’s the “Tease” that really activates the erogenous zones and gets her “Hot To Trot,” not direct, aggressive groping. Make her want it. Now suddenly the sexy stuff that you used to have to beg to touch, is being thrust at you with lust and total abandon, because you have learned “Erogenous Zone Management!” Remember, it’s all primarily between her ears! Go For It!

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