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Games People Play

Life’s a funny thing isn’t it? We all have things that make us happy and things that make us sad, things that make us sick to our stomachs and things that make us horny as hell. Surprisingly enough, the latter is what I have chosen to write about today.

Party Games are nothing new, we played them as kids, but now that we are adults, some devilish little party givers have tossed in a few new twists to give things a definite adult taste. Speaking of twists, the old favorite, “Twister” is back with a flair, as adults are playing the game in lingerie and even naked, to help spice up an evening of fast and furious frolicking.

Games People PlayStrip poker is another long time favorite that has never lost it’s luster, as both men and women seem to acknowledge and enjoy the fact that the women are normally totally naked long before most of the men even removed their shoes, which is just fine with me if I do say so myself.

Remember spin the bottle and truth of dare, how there was always, even back in our childhood an occasional erotic tinge to it, well now it is full blown, damn the torpedoes, and full speed ahead sex play. The cool thing about these games is that nobody has cause to get jealous, because a random spin of a bottle, or the dictates of a third person, determine what you are supposed to do, so no one can claim that someone is favoring or flirting with a particular individual.

Remember “H.O.R.S.E.” with a basketball, now try the same game, but now it’s whore, and the person who doesn’t kit the designated shot has to remove a piece of clothing. The same can be done with the old basketball game called “Around The World.” Hey, wassup with this basketball and wild sec connection anyway? Hmmmmm!

My personal favorite is musical chairs. Women are blindfolded and led to 2 rows of chairs, set back to back, each chair, with a gentleman seated upon it. There is often, one less chair available than however many women are playing, though a lot of parties just ignore that part of the game, because they really don’t want any sexy blindfolded woman who is willing to get manhandled by total random strangers, eliminated from the festivities. The music plays and the women have to feel their way around the chairs full of horny, grabbing men, and when the music suddenly stops, they immediately jump into the chair that they are in front of, for a designated period of time, usually 2 or 3 minutes, where what ever happens is whatever happens.

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All in all, I enjoy a little game playing, and I think it is good for a little variety to seep in occasionally, even for couples if they can handle a little lewd fun without it leading to serious strife and jealous tensions. Try a little game play, and let us know in detail, specifically what you did and how it turned out for you. Maybe next time I write about games, we will be sharing your sexy adventures for all the world to read about. That makes me pretty damn hot just thinking about it!

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