Volume Pills Reviews – Best Sperm Pills To Increase Ejaculation

How to Get Better Sperm Volume and Powerful Ejaculations

If you dribble out just a few drops of semen every time you ejaculate, it is but natural for you to be concerned about your semen production. There are a whole lot of factors that can affects semen volume and sperm count in men. Reduced sperm count is the most basic cause of fertility issues in men. Moreover, larger semen volume can make you enjoy powerful and intense orgasms and if you enjoy orgasms, possibility is that your woman is also going to enjoy the same degree of pleasure during sex.

How to Get Better Sperm Volume and Powerful Ejaculations

1. Take Care of Your Overall Health

Your overall health is an important factor when it comes to your sexual and reproductive health. Healthier men are the more sexually potent men.

As such you must ensure that you have a well toned body and that you are not overweight. Excess body fat can alter your hormonal levels. It can actually boost estrogen level in your body and lower testosterone. Low testosterone can result in reduced semen production and a low sperm count.

2. Keep Your Testicles Cool

The temperature in your testicles is 2 degrees lower than the rest of the body and this is the precise reason why they hang away from your body. Tight jeans and underpants can increase your scrotal temperature and this can affect your semen production. As such, you must wear lose boxers in place of tight underwear. You can even go without wearing underwear for a few days during the week. You can do so on weekends or when you are home. Sleep in loose pajamas so that your testicle get enough breathing space.

Not just this, avoid hot baths and sauna baths as well.

3. Go For Zinc and L-arginine

Zinc is the mineral that can do wonders for your semen production. It is also important for the production of testosterone in your body. L-arginine is an amino acid that increase testosterone release in your body. It also helps increase blood flow to the penis to ensure harder and stiffer erections.

Nuts and dry fruits can be a great source of zinc and l-arginine, Try having a handful of them every day. They can also boost your energy levels tremendously.

4. Try Natural Semen Pills

It is these semen pills that make those adult movie stars ejaculate large volume of semen. They are loaded with all the nutrients that you need to produce more semen. They are just like vitamin pills and are 100% natural.

What makes them so effective is that they are a powerful concoction of minerals like zinc, magnesium etc., and herbal extracts that are proven to boost testosterone production in men.

Though there are many herbal semen pills, not all of them are alike.

Good quality pills can contain up to 150mg of zinc in each pill. This can make you produce up to 5 times more semen. What is interesting is that prolong use of such pills can help you last longer in bed and enjoy powerful orgasms.

It is highly recommended that you use have such pills for 3-6 months for best effects.

So, if You Want to Get Better Sperm Volume and Powerful Ejaculations, Check out the Best Semen Pills that have Become Quite a Rage with Men All Over the World.