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Girls Just Want To Have Fu-un

Guys thank your lucky stars, kiss your rabbits foot, and rub your lucky quarter, because the latest poling information is out, and Casual Sex is flowing right toward you with a veritable vengeance, and the ladies declare, they aren’t looking for a husband, just a fun and fancy-free fuck-buddy!

Girls Just Want To Have Fu-unOver the years, the trends have certainly been heading in this direction, so it was really only a matter of time before it happened, but even “The Wood-ster” has to admit, I didn’t think it would hit this hard, this soon. Women have their own lives to maintain and career courses to steer, and many of them don’t have the necessity, the desire, or frankly, the time and energy for any serious relationship, at this point in the game. What they really need, according to the latest poll results, are guys who are open to the idea of them seeing more than one dude, but having perhaps 4 or 5 regular gentlemen in their lives that serve a particular purpose, one of which being, hot and wild animal sex and then get the hell out of here, I need my beauty rest.

Women no longer need a man to validate or complete them, but they would like a few cooperative studs to “F’ their brains out and then be willing to leave after they have “Done their Dirty Duty!” Many of these women have their own interests in life, beyond their career, so they may need one or two guys that like to go to concerts, one or two guys who enjoy hiking out in nature, plus a few pre-determined aficionados for going out and behaving like a cultured gentleman at some nice dinners, or checking out some foreign films, maybe touring the wineries, or playing “Penis and Fucket-ball,”… I mean Tennis and Racquetball.

The Female Orgasms

This is the beginning of a New World Order, and the ladies don’t seem to have time or the inclination to any longer play the old common mind games that we often had to endure, just to get laid. Now they want things to be just as casual and laid back as we guys once wished we could experience in life. Well our wishes came true, so unless you go off and do something really stupid like “Fall In Love” and begin playing the attachment games with these free wheeling women as they once tried to play with us, we can all be having a real swell time here on Planet Earth, for the first time in literal centuries!

Girls just want to have fun, and damn it, I say we all do whatever we can to help the girls live out this little dream of theirs, in the most delightful ways. I mean it’s the very least we can do for them, after all they have done for us over the years. It’s a tough job, but damn it, someone’s gotta do it, so show that you truly care and screw a couple of babes brains out, then get into your car and zoom off to your next tryst, so she can get some sleep, watch some TV, do some reading or plot out her next corporate hostile take-over. Chicks finally want to be Fuck-Buddies; I think that just about proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the existence of a kind, generous and loving GOD in this universe! Don’t You! Now go be charitable and bump and dump the night away, O.K?

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