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Hotter to Trot Her there in the Water

What is it about water that makes things so erotically sensual? Why is it, that when a chick, who is normally a “7” on a scale of 10, steps into the shower, and gets under that water spray, she instantly gets a 2 point bonus and become an instantaneous “9?” What is it about a Jacuzzi that can make a prude little bitch turn into a sultry and sexy little slut, who will suddenly do just about anything you ask, as long as it’s done, under the water. Why is it that when water is pored over, even a “Less Than Attractive” woman’s t-shirt, she immediately becomes a delectable and delightful object of great desire to most of the men in the room? Need a pill to increase your semen? or looking for the best pills to increase semen volume? Volume Pills is the best semen enhancer, you will ejaculate more cum in intercourse.

Hotter to Trot-Her there in the WaterIt’s water, baby, yeah, water! Water and sex just seem to go together like a hand and glove, which has always fascinated me, because, while I have always found water to be highly sensual and must admit that even I am not immune to it’s hypnotic intoxication, sex in the water has away been, at least for me, less then absolutely satisfying. Water seems to unfortunately wash away a lot of the bodies natural lubrication, which allows penetration to be comfortable, smooth, gliding and pleasant. I think it is really more a problem for men who have more girth, or width to their penis, as the thinner wieners can apparently slide right into that hole without a whole lot of friction or resistance going on.

Any way, “Water makes it Hotter,” so be sure to spend plenty of time with your lady in that liquidy paradise that just seems to get her juices flowing. Also, remember if you are a man of girth and penile thickness, it is of the utmost importance that you bring along a good lubrication, and lots of it, because, as you know, definition these days, a good lubrication is…. You guessed it, water- based. how will i make her cum every time?

Are you open to making yourself available to scrub her back while she’s in the tub or shower. Believe it or not, it’s usually a sure thing, and chicks that I thought I had absolutely “No Chance” with at all, suddenly succumbed to my advances, simply at the thought of me scrubbing their back in the tub or shower. It just feels that damn good. Make waves with  water sports.

Offer a shoulder massage in the pool or Jacuzzi, or at least, start with the shoulders for, and work your way to Heaven from there! Something about those hot, tingly little bubbles, massaging and stimulating her skin, the heat, working it’s magic into her flesh, the steam increasing the rate and depth of her breathing. Yeah, women just get so amazingly horny in Jacuzzis; it is such a very beautiful thing. Take advantage of this. Find the best ways to make her cum.

Make Her Cum

Propose your willing sacrifice to provide a full body massage in the shower. You will be amazed how often this silly little technique, will be your very first successful tactic to seeing her naked and touching that hot body of hers. There’s something almost innocent about massage, and I suppose the showers cleans away any dirty residue that overhangs the concept of just giving in to the sensation of it all. My experience says that’s exactly what she’ll do, 4 out of 5 times you go for it, so go for it often, because, as we all know by now, water is the greatest thing available to make women “WET!” How to make her every time cum?

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