Volume Pills Reviews – Best Sperm Pills To Increase Ejaculation

How Semen Volume Enhancers Work

In recent years, the average male sperm cell count has been on the decline. The average count used to be between 50 million and 100 million per ejaculation. Nowadays, sperm counts seem to be in the 30 million to 50 million range.

Because of this, men are searching for ways to increase their semen production in a safe and effective manner? The simple answer is to take a semen volume enhancing pill like Semenax or Volume Pills. Both of these products were designed to increase sperm cell count and give a boost to the male sex drive.

Where men are concerned, semen volume is responsible for quite a few things in the male anatomy. One of the biggest factors is the level of fertility in the male species. The use of Semenax or Volume Pills to increase the semen volume has another positive side effect; namely, the effect on fertility is astounding.

Testing has shown that voluminous semen ejaculation has a huge effect on men"s sexual and mental health. Higher fertility breeds more confidence during intercourse. A confident man will enjoy his sexual experience more than a male with low or poor self esteem issues.
Here is a snapshot of how semen enhancers work.

Is Abstinence A Cause Of Low Sperm Count

Volume Pills and Semenax are produced using a safe, herbal formula that is all natural. This combination of herbal ingredients is medically endorsed by numerous medical professionals in the field of male fertility and mental health. You need NO prescription to purchase either Volume Pills or Semenax.

First and foremost, semen volume enhancers increase the amount of semen that is produced through an increase in the testosterone levels in the male body. With the increase in testosterone levels, male hormones naturally increase the amount and volume of semen produced. Quite simply put, the volume of your ejaculate is increased dramatically.

Next, Volume Pills and Semenax increase blood flow to the male member by opening up blood vessels called capillaries. This lets more blood enter the male member. This blood then becomes entrapped in the Corpus Spongiosum and the Corposa Cavernosa, resulting in stronger, longer lasting, harder erections.

Semen is produced based on the nutrients that you take in. In other words, what you eat determines your semen production. Therefore, if you eat healthier foods, your body will naturally increase sperm cell production.

Another factor is your general level of physical health. Bad habits like smoking and extreme alcohol use also figure prominently in the production of semen.

It is possible to increase the volume of your ejaculate by as much as 500% over what it is now. You won"t see that much difference in a week, but more likely within 30 days or so, you"ll be close. Maximum effects will be observed in 60 to 90 days of use.

It should be noted that these herbal semen volume enhancers are intended as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. These supplements, Semenax and Volume Pills, can help you but a healthy lifestyle will maximize the results you can expect.

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