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How To Get Her To Try Anal

If you are like most reasonably adventuresome, sexually active men out there, in this carnally charged culture of ours, then surely the thought has, at least entered your mind, to try anal sex, right?

How To Get Her To Try AnalAbsolutely! So what’s the hold up?

Well, for most guys, it’s getting the woman or women in their lives, to agree to go along with this additional amorous alternative to their love-making routine.

O.K, so what exactly is the problem? More importantly, what exactly is the SOLUTION to this salaciously sticky situation?

I’ve had the opportunity to interview several women, from various walks of life, married, single, and divorced, between the ages of 18 and 55, discussing such sexual issues, as anal sex. These conversations were focused on ascertaining what women’s attitudes are, about adding anal to their bedroom repertoire. The answers that I received, and the inside information that these ladies were willing to open up and share with me, is actually quite fascinating and helpful.

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First of all, the reason that most woman have an aversion to allowing their man the opportunity to even “TRY anal with them, is simply do to a lack of assurance and confidence in their ability to “Put the Brakes On,” and succeed at stopping the proceedings, should something go horribly wrong. There is a lot of fear and tension wrapped up in this little “Erotic Escapade,” which keeps many of these ladies in a mind-set of wanting to keep your wiener as far away from their “Fragile Fannies” as they can.

Great! Yeah, Great! Why you ask? Because, now we have gotten down to the very root of the problem, and therefore, are in a position to solve it. That’s what we guys are all about, right, “Solving Problems?” So now we know, it’s mostly a matter of insecurity. Can she truly trust YOU to be sensitive to her need to take it slow and easy, and be willing to stop, if she really doesn’t like it or it hurts her too badly.

Communication is of the utmost importance here. We can easily and masterfully solve this apparent dilemma by being willing to openly discuss the situation with her, in a calm, relaxed and heartfelt discussion that alleviates her fear, by expressing that you understand and respect her concerns. Let her know that she can call the shots, and you will go along with whatever she says, regarding this new sexual situation.

A lot of ladies are willing to give it a try, if you are willing to assuage her fears and give her the security and confidence that you not only understand her concerns, but agree to acquiesce to them, by taking it slow and easy and promising to STOP, if it gets too painful for her to continue, no “Ifs,” “Ands,” or “Butts!!!” Try it, you’ll like it!

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