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How To Make Her Cum Every Time

So am I some kind of “Sexual Super-Man?” Hardly! Do I have the looks of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise? Not even close! Is it my perfect physique? Well, at one time I was looking pretty good, as a multi-sport athlete, but I’ve had years to sit on my ass in front of a computer and before that, a typewriter, plus daily and nightly lounging and relaxing with the veritable sexual celebrities of our time, so no, I don’t have much time for a regularly scheduled gym membership routine any longer, and a personal trainer just feels a little fluffy for my lifestyle.

How To Make Her Cum Every TimeLike I said, it’s really all a matter of attitude and intent. Nothing more. Sometimes the simplest answers are the hardest to deal with, because the human mind has this terrible tendency to assume that if anything is truly important or worth knowing, it must be fairly elaborate or complex. That’s really too bad, because it means some of the worlds greatest teachers were rarely fully understood or taken seriously at all. How very sad!

Here’s how it plays out, plain and simple. No matter what, whenever I am in a sexual situation with a lady, the woman’s orgasm and ultimate satisfaction, is my primary concern and focus. It is what is of all importance to me. With that mind-set, it is quite easy to assure success, and have a great time doing so. Think about it for a moment.

If my entire focus is on the woman reaching orgasm, how satisfied do you think I must feel when she accomplished this feat? Also once she realizes that all my attention and intention is on her, how committed do you think she instantly becomes to ensuring that I, in turn, have a great time, and that she sends me home with a very satisfactory orgasm and happy ending of my own?

Women are far more naturally perceptive and in-tune with their environment and the thoughts and feeling of those around them. How much more intense are those feelings and sensitivities during the act of sex, which is, by it’s very nature, an extremely sensate experience. (Sensate = Perceived by the senses. Created from the very same Latin root as the word “Sensual!”) So you can easily see just how very affected women are by the feelings and attitudinal moods of their lover.

Delaying Your Ejaculation For Her Satisfaction

So step one is: Attain an attitude and intention that is absolutely dedicated to her complete pleasure, with the ultimate goal being her achievement of a most momentous and exasperating male orgasm. Now while it is true that this is most unusual for men to actually focus on the satisfaction of their female counter-part, you will quickly observe that the unexpected caring that you provide her and her pleasure, will inspire the woman to, in turn, make sure that you are well taken care of. Now it is important to understand that you simply cannot harbor and carry that motive in your mind at any time during the process, or she will certainly perceive this fact with her womanly intuitive psychic radar, and the whole thing will suddenly blow up in your face in total disaster. KEEP EVERYTHING FOCUSED ON HER ENJOYMENT AND PLEASURE. Forget pleasing yourself for now, please her instead.

Next, after your commitment to her pleasure, which creates a wondrous trust and comfort level between the two of you, that allows things to flow far more smoothly, you need to maintain a very masculine sense of self confidence, that let’s her know in no uncertain terms, that while you are dedicating your time to her satisfaction(use nutritional supplements), that you, in fact, are still very much “The Man,” and in charge, taking complete control of the situation.

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