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How To Make Her Cum

Of all the questions I have been asked by my adoring readers (and yes, I do adore you back!) over the past several years, the one that seems to come up the very most, is the one that goes like this:

How To Make Her Cum“Hey Woody, How do I make her cum, each and every time we’re together?”

Well, I’m always tempted to say something along the lines of

“Hey, just hand her a matching pair of platinum MasterCard and Visa, and tell her that her Porsche is waiting for her out in the driveway,” but that would just be cruel, so I just won’t even go there.

Actually this is not that hard of a thing to accomplish. When I was about 15 years old, I had a very important person in my life tell me:

“Woody, if you make it a point to make sure that every woman that you’re with, cums at least twice before you do, I guarantee that you’ll never have a lonely night in your entire life!”

You know what, after all those many years; it still rings out as if it were just yesterday.

Make Her Cum

I took those words to heart, and I began studying, reading, experimenting and asking as many questions as I could, always paying close attention to what people shared with me, because the hidden diamonds of literally centuries of sexual mastery were constantly being handed down, in small, tiny bits at a time, and one never knew where the next piece might come from. Each little part, slowly all coming together, like a puzzle, so that eventually, you can see the “HOLE PICTURE! (Pun Intended!)

So I listened and I learned, I studies and I practiced, but more importantly than anything else, I simply made that my life’s goal, that every woman that I was with, would always cum at least twice before I did, no matter what, and you know what? It worked! Was it always easy? No, not at all, some times it was some real serious and intensive work. But to be 100% honest with you, the biggest surprise of all to me was, actually most of the time, it was pretty damn easy, like shooting fish in a barrel, because I quickly learned that it was all a matter of attitude and intent!

It became my motto, my mantra, my way of life, my “Path,” so to speak, and I held true to that commitment throughout the years and it has made a major difference in my life, and in some small way, the lives of hundreds of lovely, luscious and lusty ladies across the world.

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