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How To Make Her Every Time Cum

Alright, so you are now officially committed to her orgasm as your primary goal, and you realize that you need to let those manly hormones take control and give her that sense of comfort and freedom to just relax and be a Girl, because you are truly an Alpha Male, who has everything well under control. Great! Now is when the techniques actually come into play. We suggest you that Volume Pills is the best choice to increase your semen volume and also increase the overall sexuality.

How To Make Her Every Time CumAs in almost everything involving women, start slow, watch for “tell-tale” signs of her reactions and then be sure to carefully follow all her cues and clues. Look, the sooner that you realize that communication is of the utmost importance here, the sooner you will stop being that two-dimensional, card-board cut –out, stereotypical guy and refuse to ask for directions. Make it clear to her from the “get-go,” that you want her to tell you exactly what she wants, and exactly how she wants it. Just that in itself, might make her start cumming, as that attitude is so very rare to find in most males this day and age!

I have often found it very effective to start things out with a very sensuous massage. The cool thing about massage is that everyone knows and already mentally accepts the fact, in the back of their mind, that for massage to truly, effectively work it’s wonders correctly, the recipient needs to loosen up and / or remove any restrictive clothing, which usually entails the taking off of belts and bras, the unbuttoning and unzipping of blouses, skirts or pants. shes bound to enjoy it.

All in all, it not only allows her to get more comfortable, which is always helpful, but also gives her a chance to start feeling desirable. Even the biggest prudes on Earth, know that if they unzip a little here and unbutton a little there, unhook this and un-snap that, a guy is going to be fully alert of the implications, and even a “Good Girl’ gets off on knowing that she is now fully the center of attention and all eyes are on her incase she “Accidentally” reveals a little lingerie or even some skin. Find the best ways to make her cum.

The Female Orgasms

Women don’t realize sometimes when the tables are being turned on them, but then, this is the very beauty of the “Innocent and Friendly” massage. She can now begin to start feeling a bit sexy, desirable and play out her sensuality in a sexually subtle, but unmistakable seductive way, while the man can feign total ignorance and innocence.

O.K., so she can perhaps flaunt her “Wares” a bit, without worrying about coming across slutty, because, of course, it was your idea, as the alpha male, to give her a massage, so she is simply cooperatively going along with the program, and it’s not her responsibility or fault that she has to now remove or loosen up her clothing, making that sexy little body of hers far more vulnerable to your advances. After all, you, as the masculine man, is taking control and setting the agenda. She is totally innocent, which is what gives her the clear conscience to start getting a little sultry. Women like to see a man take charge and make decisions; it gives them a sense of comfort, relaxation and safety. They no longer have to worry, because everything is under control and taken care of. Hotter to trot her there in the water.

Aha, I hear you with your consternation and contrary commentary under your breath. Hey, it’s not me saying that, that’s just about every woman that I’ve interviewed over the last several years, who gets comfortable enough to truly open up and share with me exactly what she is really thinking on the inside. These women say they wish that men would finally begin to get it, and if they did, they would definitely “Begin To Get It!”

Guys, it’s time to wake up, smell the pussy, and get back on track and put the natural balance back into the mating game once again. Women really want men to act like men, and that’s whom they will be taking to bed with them. They NEED men that know how to act like men, so that they can finally be free enough to act like women! Got it?

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