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Discover How Volume Enhancers Improve Sperm Volume and Improve Sex Life

Volume enhancers are those male enhancement pills that improve sperm volume and improve sex life. They do not only increase the volume of semen produced by the males, they also enhance the potency of the sperm by making sperm cells healthier. Healthier in the sense that the sperm count quantity is increased tremendously. The average sperm count volume is 40 million and lower count is considered inadequate for procreation. Therefore, volume enhancers also give men the added ability to get offspring by enabling their sperm to fertilize female eggs to trigger procreation. They also help in improving the mobility of sperm.

How Volume Enhancers Improve Sperm Volume

Volume enhancers increase the quantity of sperm your body produces and also helps increase the frequency of the production of the sperm. But, how do volume enhancers increase the volume of sperm? They stimulate the testes inside the scrotum to produce more sperms and also increase the rate of sperm production. They also stimulate the prostate and seminal vesicles to produce more fluids which combine with the earlier produced sperm to form semen, which men ejaculate on orgasm.

Improve Sperm Volume

Just in case you are not aware, semen is the thick, yellowish-white colored fluid that men gush out during orgasm. Semen is not just sperm but it carries sperm cells thus making them mobile. You will be surprised that an average ejaculate (cum) from a male who uses volume enhancement pills contains about 300 million sperm cells and counting. Men need to produce and discharge about 40 million sperm to have a chance at procreation.

How Volume Enhancers Improve Sex Life

This is how volume enhancers improve sex life. The increased sperm and fluid (semen) production enables you to ejaculate for a longer period during orgasm. This prolongs your orgasm and the contractions that come with orgasm. The increased contractions supply more pleasure to you and your partner during sex. Because you now have the ability to produce sperm faster, the refractory period (the interlude after ejaculation within which erection cannot take place) is shortened thus enabling you to have more sex with your partner and improve your sex life.

Are Volume Enhancers Necessary?

You be the judge. You must decide whether you prefer the 5-second orgasms you now have or you want the ones that can last up to one minute with intermittent contractions that elongate it. You should also choose either to have lifeless (morbid) semen with very weak sperm of less than 40 million that cannot fertilize female eggs or to have mobile, healthy semen containing about 300 million sperm cells eager and longing to make you a proud father. You should also decide whether to give your wife what to tell the girls at their next meeting about her improved sex life or to leave her with the old story of nonperformance. The choice to act is entirely yours.

However, as with all good things, caution is advocated. Certain functions of your body slow down and then stop entirely as you get older. Sperm production is one of them. Though volume enhancers can assist you to produce for a longer period, the production will stop at some point in your life. However, you need not worry as men produce well into their old age.

For best results, you can combine penis enhancement with volume enhancement if you are lacking in that essential department. Therefore, get that improved sex life you have always coveted with the aid of volume enhancers.

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