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Increase Ejaculation Volume – How to Increase Your Ejaculation Volume Naturally

One of the many questions men ask today is how exactly can they increase ejaculation volume naturally.

One of the latest ways to actually achieve this are to take some of the new “NATURAL VIAGRA" supplements.

What do these contain and how can will they affect me?

Well, whilst they consist of a number of herbal aphrodisiacs, the ingredient which is said to play a major role in increasing your ejaculation volume is Pomegranate-Ellagic.

Having featured recently in the UK tabloid newspaper the sun as a safe way to gain what Viagra delivers, tens of thousands of Brits have been rushing to get their hands on this so-called sex stimulant that argues it will help you deliver longer, harder erections, an increased libido, stronger stamina and control as well as a boost in semen production

Pomegranate-Ellagic is thought to provide these benefits due to its high volume of anti-oxidants which help increase the blood flow to the pubic region.

Just like there are drugs for sub-fertile or impotent men, where they raise the levels of Nitric Oxide in your blood which in turn helps relax your blood-vessel walls, Pomegranate-Ellagic, if consumed in its pure form, is argued to increase erection hardness and help with deliver stronger ejaculations.

Research at the University of California suggest that pomegranate juice has a great potential for helping erectile dysfunction, whilst improving the strength and health to a man"s genitalia.

However additional ingredients in these new sexual stimulants argued to increase ejaculation volume include:

L-Arginine: This is an important amino acid which helps produce nitric oxide which will provide harder erections by dilating your blood vessels to penile erectile tissue.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane): When you have MSM deficiencies, new cells will become weak, firm or deformed. MSM helps restore flexibility back and permeability to cell walls so fluids can pass through the tissues much more easily. MSM will also help repair worn or damaged cartilage in ligaments, joints and tendons, restoring them to their former healthy, flexible cells.

Epimedium Sagittatum: Icariin, an active compound in Epimedium effects the body similarly to Viagra, but without any risky chemicals or harmful stimulants. Primarily it works by causing the same gentle muscle relaxation which helps increase the blood flow around your pubic region.