Volume Pills Reviews – Best Sperm Pills To Increase Ejaculation

Increase Sperm Volume

Are you one of the guys who watch porn movies whilst thinking how the hell do those guys produce so much sperm and manage to sustain big powerful erections? Do you think that they must be totally different to you with some kind of advanced genes? If you agree with the latter then you are totally in the dark, these guys are no different to you or I; they just have some insider secrets.

For many years the porn industry has been hiding products that could change the sex lives of many men: male enhancement supplements. These supplements are dual acting sexual male enhancers that contain ingredients that will make you perform just like a porn star.

Not only do these enhancement supplements contain Ingredients that will give you harder, bigger and longer lasting erections as good as the effects of Viagra, they also contain a special mixture of vitamins that is proven to increase a man"s testosterone levels which in turn gives a boost in semen production giving massive porno-style ejaculations that will be long lasting and reminiscent of the female multiple orgasm.

The erections you will have from these supplements will surely please your sexual partner as they will be much harder and you will be able to maintain them for longer. They will give greater pleasure and better orgasms for the woman, whether it is your wife or a one night stand. When they see you ejaculating like a porn star they will be begging for more and think you are a real man.

So how do these volume pills work?

The most popular volume pill ‘Performer 5" works with two products. The first one is Performer 5 and the second is Vit 5. Vit 5 is essentially a vitamin supplement that tops up your body and makes sure it is at optimum efficiency, so even if your diet isn"t very good the Vit 5 makes sure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs. The Performer 5 part then builds on that foundation and takes your sexual performance to the next level by increasing your sperm volume and erection quality.