Volume Pills Reviews – Best Sperm Pills To Increase Ejaculation

Increase Your Ejaculate Volume

Inside this Cumshot Tips guide,you"ll learn FIVE different factors you, as a man, do have CONTROL over that can influence the amount of ejaculate VOLUME you produce.

Increase Your Ejaculate VolumeThey Are:

1 Ejaculation Frequency

2 Extended Sexual Stimulation

3 Dietary Supplements

4 Drugs & Herbs

5 General Health

Plus TWO more factors that are UNCONTROLLABLE, but also play a role in “Volume".

  • Genetics
  • Age

I also discovered FOUR more factors that apply specifically to the DISTANCE a

man can shoot his load…

… and they are:

6 Strengthen & Pump Your PC Muscle

7 Massage the Perineum Area

8 Stimulate the Prostate Gland

9 Porn Star Ejaculation Technique

– 4 –

… and TWO carryovers from the VOLUME factors:

  • Ejaculation Frequency
  • Age

So, let"s get started…

For you to completely understand the techniques I discuss in this Cumshot Tips guide, you should have a basic understanding of the comparative anatomy of the male orgasm.

Sperm vs. Semen

First you need to realize that sperm and semen are two different and distinct things. Sperm (spermatozoa) is the male"s reproductive cell; the male gamete; which gets to where it"s going with the help of semen – the whitish fluid secretion of the male reproductive organ.

Sperm is your seed

Semen is the fluid that moves & protects your sperm


The objective of this guide is to assist you in increasing your semen amount (seminal fluid volume) you ejaculate, NOT your sperm count (your seed)… understand?

Anatomy of The Male Orgasm

Penile stimulation eventually causes an orgasm, which begins in the testis (where sperm are produced). Sperm travel through the tubules of the testis to the epididymis which contains many tubules that join together to form a single tube, the vas deferens.

The vas deferens travels up through the scrotum and behind the bladder before it joins the seminal vesicles and the prostate.

– 5 –

While moving through the vas deferens, sperm pass the seminal vesicles which secretes fructose (a sugar to feed the sperm) and seminal fluids(to protect the sperm). The sperm then move through the prostate gland which secretes even more seminal fluids to keep the sperm moving along through the ejaculatory duct.

As the semen rushes past the bladder, the sphincter muscle squeezes the bladder opening shut (making simultaneous urination during ejaculation impossible) which then guides the semen on through the urethra and out the penis.

Prostate Facts:

During my research at numerous health related and medical websites, I read over and over that a primary purpose of the prostate is to secrete a substance that helps make semen more liquid… and fluids from both the prostate and seminal vesicles produce up to 95% of the ejaculate volume fluid… whereas sperm only makes up about 5% of the total volume.

So, part of the puzzle is to figure out HOW to stimulate the Prostate into producing MORE fluid volumeso keep reading!

Normal Ejaculate Volume

During my research, I found that normal ejaculate volume ranges from about 2 ml to 5 ml.

(5 ml = one teaspoon)

I also read one report of 13 ml being recorded after an extended period of no sex or masturbation, but the exact period of refraining from ejaculating was not indicated.

– 6 –

10 ml

WOW! After I finished my research… I"m now able to produce about 2/3"s of a Tablespoon on a regular basis (when I do everything in this guide just right) and can usually shoot my load about 3 feet in distance.

2/3"s of a Tablespoon is 10 ml. That"s DOUBLE the high-end of normal volume levels… I"m also in my early 30"s, which as you"ll read later, is a contributing factor to both volume & distance.

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