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Non-medical methods to increase sperm count (besides using a fertility supplement like FertilAid) include regular exercise, a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, decreasing stress and anxiety levels, getting in shape if your are overweight (talk to your doctor about a safe diet/exercise regimen), and eliminating exposure to environmental toxins.

Low sperm can create infertility problem also, Infertility is defined by doctors as the failure of a couple to achieve pregnancy after a year of unprotected intercourse. In men, infertility is usually associated with a decrease in the number or quality of sperm. There are multiple possible underlying causes for this. Some of the causes of infertility readily respond to natural medicine, while others do not. The specific cause of infertility should always be diagnosed by a physician before considering possible solutions.

A naturopath may suggest the following as treatment for infertility: improving the nutrition of both partners; hot and cold water splashes on the genitals to stimulate circulation locally; avoiding alcohol and smoking for a while, Have sex & masturbate less often, Avoid heating of testicles, Wear loose, cotton boxer shorts, and also getting enough rest.

In a study performed in India recently, Lycopene supplementation proved to be beneficial to couples who try for the first time to get pregnant are not successful, due to unspecified male infertility problems. In this study, 50 men with low sperm counts were selected to receive lycopene supplements twin a day for three months.

Within nine months after starting the lycopene supplements, 36% of the couples became pregnant. Within the 50 men, 70% had an increase in sperm concentration and 58% had an increase in sperm motility.

Penis erection, size, ejaculation has always been an important problem for most men. Now days there are lots of pills and exercises are available in markets which are easily available & successful also so now peoples are not worry of their problems. The only problem is how to choose from a vide variety of penis enlarger devices. One of the best arguments is choosing one penis extender over the others is existence of medical and scientific evidence that proves its efficacy. The pills and some exercises are the best choice if you are looking for erected penis that has medically support. You can increase your sperm count by taking these vitamins and others natural products also.

Vitamin C protects sperm from oxidative damage. Supplementing vitamin C improves the quality of sperm in smokers. When sperm stick together (a condition called agglutination), fertility is reduced. Vitamin C reduces sperm agglutination, increasing the fertility of men with this condition. Many doctors of natural medicine recommend 1 gram of vitamin C per day for infertile men, particularly those diagnosed with sperm agglutination.

Zinc A lack of zinc can reduce testosterone levels. For men with low testosterone levels, zinc supplementation raises testosterone and also increases fertility. For men with low semen zinc levels, zinc supplements may increase both sperm counts and fertility. Most studies have infertile men take zinc supplements for at least several months. The ideal amount of supplemental zinc remains unknown, but some doctors of natural medicine recommend 25 mg three times per day.

Arginine is an amino acid found in many foods; it is needed to produce sperm. Most research shows that several months of arginine supplementation increases sperm count and quality and also fertility. However, some studies have reported that arginine helps few, if any, infertile men. Nonetheless, many doctors of natural medicine suggest 4 grams of arginine per day for several months to see if it will help infertile men.

Coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient used by the body in the production of energy. While it’s exact role in the formation of sperm is unknown, there is evidence that as little as 10 mg per day (over a two-week period) will increase sperm count and motility.

Vitamin E deficiency in animals leads to infertility. In a preliminary human trial, 100–200 IU of vitamin E given to each man and woman of infertile couples led to a significant increase in fertility.

Vitamin B12 is needed to maintain fertility. Vitamin B12 injections have increased sperm counts for men with low numbers of sperm. These results have been duplicated in double blind research. Men seeking B12 injections should consult a nutritionally oriented physician.

Carnitine is a substance made in the body and also found in supplements. It appears to be necessary for normal functioning of sperm cells. In studies, supplementing with 3–4 grams per day for four months has helped to normalize sperm motility in men with low sperm quality.

SAMe Preliminary research suggests oral SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine) may increase sperm activity in infertile men.