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Is Frequent Masturbation a cause of Low Sperm Count

Is Frequent Masturbation a cause of Low Sperm CountIs Frequent Masturbation a cause of Low Sperm Count

Masturbation, a very pleasant sexual feeling, which increases sexuality in men. After masturbation, men improve their ability to achieve erections, daily. Younger men may be able to get an erection and ejaculate every day because they have more stamina, sexual power and also in their body may produce more sperm, comparatively to the older men.

After lot of researches, therefore scientist deduced that, frequent masturbation may impact men sexuality and after that, the cause would be low sperm count because body can’t make sperm very fast.

The age of 15 to 28 men can masturbate every day because their sperm makes very soon and their body temperature are able to produce more sperm in a limited time. But as men get older, their ability to achieve daily erections may decline.

Cause of Low Sperm Count

Impotence, premature ejaculation, or psychologic or relationship problems can contribute to infertility, although these conditions are usually very treatable.

Lubricants used with condoms, including spermicidal, oils, and Vaseline, can affect fertility. If you need a sperm friendly lubricant, the choice of many couples trying to get pregnant with pills also.

One thing more important, we must know that it’s not proof that frequent masturbate is also the one of the cause of low sperm count. It’s not physically harmful. Frequent masturbation does not creating impact your sperm count nor does it affect your ability to achieve an erection. Its, depend of age also because younger men may produce more sperm than oldies. This is a factor of age and has nothing to do with the frequency of masturbation.